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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to get more detail after Sunday when the dog goes to Traces kennels, but if not I'll just take a chance and order
  2. Do you have any small sizes in slip martingale collars? I'm not sure of the neck size yet
  3. Great total I was very late after driving past and going to the wrong place!! but really enjoyed meeting old acqaintances and dogs. This is the first prize wee Flora has won in her life, so thank you very much for that Thanks also to you Jax for the lovely photos of Flora and Yustina which I have to confess I have now stolen
  4. Thanks Posted off a cheque today.
  5. Thanks Claire. How much do I owe you?
  6. Hi Claire Do you have any red muzzles? I would like 2. If not red muzzles what other colours do you have in stock?
  7. Great results! The string on the can was biting into my fingers it was so heavy, but I never thought you would have raised this amount!
  8. Interesting! I see the story on the link I posted has now been changed to fit in with the BBC Teletext story.
  9. Vile, disgusting "man" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/01/lord-heseltine-i-strangled-my-mothers-dog/
  10. My usual (not very helpful) reply Claire. I'll come along if I possibly can, but can't commit to a time/day at the moment.
  11. Hank will live!! This was posted an hour ago: We have received word from BCC that their assessment has concluded. They have deemed Hank to be "Pitbull Terrier type" but his "temperament is such that it does not pose a risk to the public". The court hearing for the exemption order is set for next Tuesday. Effectively this means that Hank will almost certainly come home on Tuesday!! Another Pitbull called Ruby from County Down has also been exempted in the last few days, so maybe the message is getting through. To quote DDA Watch: "BSL is ugly and cruel, it was designed to kill dogs - this is a simple fact." If you are as distressed and disgusted by this barbaric law as I am, then you have an opportunity to make suggestions re reforming this area of the law by taking part in the Law Commission Consultation - see link below: http://www.lawcom.gov.uk/project/13th-programme-of-law-reform-call-for-ideas/#13th-programme-consultation-questionnaire-3
  12. And here is Francis, the dog that is due to die today because of BSL. If this doesn't make you weep, nothing will. Battersea have produced the letter below for you to send to your MP. It is relevant to all dogs whether in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales because if this act is repealed in respect of England and Wales, then there is a good chance that Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow. For some 25 years, under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 it has been a criminal offence to have possession or custody of four proscribed types of dog:- Pit Bull Terrier Japanese Tosa Fila Braziliero Dogo Argentino The intention behind this law was to protect public safety. However, dog bites on people continue to rise despite this unfair and arbitrary ban. A report published by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 25 July 2016 entitled “Dog bites: What’s breed got to do with it?” gives the opinions of expert behaviourists and consultants on the reasons why some dogs may be aggressive towards people. Of the 215 experts who responded, some 74% argued that breed was either not at all important or only slightly important, whilst an overwhelming 86% believed it was due to the way that the dog was brought up by its owner. You can see the Report and its findings here: http://www.bdch.org.uk/.../Dog-bites-whats-breed-got-to... This new evidence casts significant doubt on the whole basis of Breed Specific Legislation. This has been in force for 25 years and in that time it has not protected the public but has led to the needless destruction of thousands of dogs. The time has come, a quarter of a century later, for Parliament to reconsider this legislation and repeal it with all due speed. So I am asking you now as my MP to contact DEFRA calling for the repeal of Section 1 of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. I look forward to receiving your reply.
  13. If anyone is interested, Hank's owners will be appearing on "This Morning" (ITV) today at 11.30 am hoping to bring nationwide attention to Hank's case.
  14. So here we have it again - an echo of Lennox. Hank, seized by 8 police officers and 4 dog wardens from Belfast City Council, simply because he is said to look like a Pitbull. You can see how "dangerous" he looks by going on to the "Save Hank" fb page. His owners have had him since he was weeks old. https://www.change.org/p/belfast-save-hank All this rubbish, generalising about dogs/generalising about Pitbulls I happened to meet a Pitbull X at the weekend. He wasn't interested in attacking me or my dogs, all he wanted to do was roll on his back and have his tummy tickled. Disgracefully, there are so many of these tragic cases, but here's just one more, a very sad tale about a very unfortunate dog and a very caring person. Hoping for a very happy ending for both of these dogs http://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/344/841/473/help-save-tia/ "Tia is a dog on death row. I found her one evening running around the roads with a kidney infection covered in ticks, mange and sores. I brought her home for the night and fell in love with her! Given her condition, I assumed her to be a stray and during the process of registering my find with the relevant people, I made it clear I wanted to keep her if no owner was found. Due to individuals attempting to cause confusion over her whereabouts, she has been in kennels much longer than necessary. West Yorkshire Police contacted me to say they now have her and she is legally mine due to finder's rights. Whilst under their care, they have confirmed she's a pit-bull type dog. I am now going to court to try to have her registered exempt……."
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