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  1. 8-4 Clara - A vision in pink 8-5 Clara - Pink hat anyone? 8-6 Clara - Flowers, I see no flowers
  2. 7-4 Clara - Beach Babe 7-5 Clara - Cheeky Girl
  3. 6-6 Clara - Black and White in Black and White
  4. 3-1 Clara - Just Chillin' 3-2 Clara - Take my best side
  5. Sorry but Clara can't do this one, I'm being a removal man for the day clearing out Sophie's flat in Aberdeen. Looks like the weather is going to be fine so have a good day and with luck we'll have full buckets.
  6. Hi Claire, Can you put Clara, Janice and I down for 10 - 12 on Saturday please.
  7. Hi Katie, I've PM'd you.
  8. £20 paid. £18 rounded up! Transaction Id: 524033002N760003N
  9. Judysdad


    Yay, well done Lola and we'll done Gillian and Andy. Enjoy your sofa Lola.
  10. Can you put Janice and I, and Clara of course, down for 10 'till 12 on Saturday morning please.
  11. Judysdad


    Really good news Suzanne, he's a lucky boy to have found you and Norman. If he's settled enough to be helping you finish breakfast and tidy up in the kitchen already then it looks like you have a proper character on your hands.
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