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  1. That's a good amount, seemed to take a while for people to get their hands in their pockets!!
  2. Hi, we can do either slot (would be 2 of us with 2 hounds). 🙂
  3. That's a good total! didn't seem to be as many notes flowing this year so happy that it got to nearly £400! I had one lady who was pretty set on getting herself a greyhound after meeting the bunch who were there so hopefully she'll contact SGS about adoption. 🙂
  4. Hi, put a post on facebook today but thought maybe better here! we could do 3-5? Two of us + two hounds.
  5. Hi, really sorry about my lack of volunteering for this - my Mum's in hospital at the moment 70 miles from us so weekends are being spent "on duty" visiting etc.
  6. Good day yesterday, as well as what looked like a decent donation level (quite a few blue notes went into buckets!) I think a lot of nervous small children came away loving greyhounds! My favourite was the wee girl called Sophie who was delighted that the dog she was speaking to was also called Sophie! Proud of all the dogs the way they coped with the crowds (and the firecrackers which went off...!)
  7. Paid mine, reference 0A435153K66008037. Beautiful collar for my beautiful black girl - many thanks! Congrats on the total!!
  8. Grant and I will do a spot with Simon & Sophie, we're flexible so can fill in any necessary gap!
  9. That's absolutely brilliant!! Can't believe how generous people were. Well done the hounds for their winning ways!!!!!
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