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  1. Mo22


    Good luck beautiful boy, your new family are very lucky x
  2. Fantastic pics and total. Add another £20 to that as i managed to find buyers for the cakes that were made but did not make it to the show! Gutted we missed it, will paypal money later x
  3. That is wonderful, they are a very lucky pair, Jaclyn will spoil them rotten just what they deserve xx
  4. I have been using it for the dreaded C word shopping (its only November and I admit I am bit of a bah humbug as I think its just so commercialised these days, sorry about the rant!!) its amazing how it adds up, not a huge amount but if a good few people do it it will be a nice amount for sgs x
  5. Myself and Ballathie would like to thank SGS for the lovely thank you cards received this week, much appreciated xx
  6. Brilliant! So pleased it came through for you, I will pass on thanks next time I am at work! xx
  7. We should make this I have booked the day off. Working a good few days before it but will get some baking done to bring x
  8. Are all of these still available?
  9. I can do sat probably am better for me x
  10. We can help with this if needed x
  11. Mo22


    Great news! Lucky girl x
  12. Mo22

    Your SGS Team

    We appreciate what you all do and realise how hard you all work for SGS. Sorry we can't help much just now but with a poorly dog and manic work commitments it's difficult. Thank goodness SGS has a great group of folk always willing to do what they can, hopefully we can step up to help again soon x
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