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  1. Highest bid was only £7.99 so I cancelled the sale and have donated £10 ref: 11P48430D3883943N
  2. Here is the listing on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handmade-Hand-Stitched-Leather-Greyhound-Collar-/172116925867?hash=item2812f7ddab:g:3KUAAOSwKtVW0wq~
  3. George B


    I know he's going to be happy. Hopefully get to see some photos of him one day too
  4. George B


    It was great knowing Sissy, a lovely affectionate hound.
  5. George B


    The last photos I have of CHIEF
  6. That should read Stanley NEE Rummy!
  7. Copyright Anastaziya V B
  8. This was Stan's Xmas card! My first (greyhound) love...
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