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  1. I could also help out here, off work tomorrow need to download Skypeand forms, already have whatsapp on phone. Just email me the process/ details. Cheers
  2. carole2


    Well done girlie, you've landed in a fabulous home and I'm sure will spoilt rotten x
  3. Hi Can I please have a medium pink or yellow or any colour if these arent available. Medium fleece lined winter coat. Left over funds donation. Transaction ID: 4FS081169D664974kW or 23X70532G9040512Y not sure which is correct one when donating other was in email confirmation. Thanks Carole
  4. Hi Can I have a medium rain coat, lined in pink if none then purple if none then black and if none then any colour. £20 Transaction ID: 6VL572787H230904M Thanks
  5. Just wondered if SGS was aware of this site www.helpanimals.co.uk allows public to find rescues in their area which need help during COVID-19
  6. Hi Claire 1SE09535N1869554T can I have a medium fleece lined winter coat please any colour for Buzz. Let me know if you need me to pm my address. the left over from payment for anything homeless dogs may need. Cheers Carole
  7. At vets with Buzz am so can I do the later spot please?
  8. Any updates for tomorrow? Or jyst come along whenever?
  9. I should be able to help out for a couple of hours.
  10. Just a reminder to being me a calendar please 😁
  11. carole2


    Bad mum I missed this. He is doing fabulous despite being prone to corns. Big gentle boy who just wants cuddles I haven't seen him play with toys but my slippers mysteriously move around the house when I'm not in. Neighbours say he was a bit unsettled for first few days but seems fine when I'm out now. Thank you to all at SGS!
  12. I can do either day or both any time just let me know when you need me ?
  13. There is a wee toolbar you can download, it turns itself on or off if the site donates. Dominos use it - that's where most of my donations come from
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