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  1. Thank you so much guys. We for some reason decided to go via the M6 and have hit massis of traffic so have just stopped at little chef for a break!
  2. Sounds like a plan! Well the journey so far hasn't gone to plan so far we are only at Perth and its 11am. Didn't leave in the end till 0630 due to weather warnings. And the A9 is not so good
  3. Then we shall have to sort something
  4. Its Fudge and Peaches that are the real stars. They behave impeccably throughout the whole journey and they have even got used to having their tea half way down in busy service stations!
  5. Hi Just a quick one for all. We are traveling to kent tomorrow morning about 2am (20th dec)! from Elgin. and then traveling back up on the 27th no idea what time. If any transport is required please PM me as we may be able to assist (we have mobile Broadband). Regards Melissa, Chriss, Fudge and Peaches
  6. Oh wow thats brilliant! Fudge and Peaches have been sleeping off the fun all afternoon! They are so lazy
  7. It was a great day out and Fudge and Peaches (not forgetting Chriss) all fell asleep in the car on the way back. It was great to see such support.
  8. Chriss will be there! With Fudge and Peaches of coarse
  9. P.S Both Parrot and Dinosaur are still alive.
  10. Hello Just a bit of an update. Both the Babies are doing fantastically. After 5 or so months of patience it has finally worked and they now both do sit and down. We are so proud of then and now we are moving on to Stay hehe.
  11. We have a very good day today, first the fantastic walk with Ellen, Gary, Gypsy and Kyle. We then advanced on leaving them on their own today we left them for 3hrs and no mess , when i got in they were all bouncy and excited so into the car and off to the East beach where some of Ops wing were having a BBQ, there were lots of little dogs and a nice long bridge which they struggled with walking across at first but once they realised that they had to walk slowly they went across well. With all the small dogs around they were more interested in the Kites. Neither of them were fazed by the large amounts of people. Luna is a lot better with the car as she just jumps in and out but Sol still has to be persuaded by nudging his bottom All is going well so far and we are both enjoying having them around very much. Thank You Ellen for the Photos
  12. Finally we got back this morning at 0400hrs. they both traveled well and slept most of the way. On arriving back they had a lot of fun exploring the garden. Going into the house was another question, they both went in eventually but were reluctant to begin with. Sol seems to be more confident than Luna when it comes to exploring, but it was amazing to see them looking and investigating everywhere, they were so intrigued by everything. So far so good, hopefully going to the beach tonight! Pictures to follow shortly
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