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Sex: - Male
Age: - 3 yrs -  21/4/15
Breed: - Greyhound
Colour: - Dark brindle
Children: - To be assessed
Cats: - To be assessed
Small dogs: - To be assessed
Large dogs: - To be assessed
Housetrained: - In kennels
Spayed/neutered: - Will be prior to rehoming
Poor Mac came to SGS with a scabby nose and injured tail. He's healing nicely while waiting on his foster home becoming available.
If you have room in your home and your hearts for Mac please visit our website https://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335


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Mac update 😁

Chunky monkey Mac! With some good food, a bath and lots of tlc, Macs coat has finally started to shine and his amber tiger stripes are gleaming in the sun. Macs love, apart from having a quick run around, is food hence the chunky monkey sentence at the start.  Treats he will take gracefully from your hand and he waits patiently when breakfast and lunch is given out. His tail never stops wagging when people are around and will stand for hours when you give him a good brush and rub down. A little strong on the lead but he is getting so much better. Ever so clean in his kennel and even his bed always looks so neat and tidy in the morning. Ladies are another love for Mac so maybe a family with an existing girlie would suit him.

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The gorgeous Mac ❤️had found his Forever home. He didn’t have to wait long as his Foster Mum had made up her mind to adopt him in less than 24 hours 😁

He settled in so well and so quickly and has been so well behaved that she just couldn’t part with him.  

He’s been great with everyone he meets and every dog he has met as well . His new Mum says he’s just a dream dog 😍

Be happy lovely Mac , ❤️ you waited a while but it’s been worth it. 

Thanks to Michelle for taking Mac into her care and also to everyone who helped with his transport up to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 :signthankspin:

Welcome to the Failed Foster Club Joanna😁

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