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Sex: - Female
Age: - 3 yrs  (Nov 2014)
Breed: - Greyhound
Colour: - Black
Children: - Not assessed
Cats: - Not assessed
Small dogs: - Not assessed
Large dogs: - Not assessed
Housetrained: - In progress
Spayed/neutered: - Yes

Daisy is settling well into her foster home. A little shy and unsure of all the new sights and noises when on walks but she'll get there. She has mastered the stairs now though and of course she has found the sofa!


If you have room in your home and your hearts for Daisy please visit our website https://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335

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This beautiful girl:wub: has found herself a top home with another SGS Greyhound for a friend.

Daisy has gone to live with Ben and has settled in really well in a very short time. Ben's Mum wasn't sure if he would like another hound in his home but it has worked out perfectly and in fact Ben has calmed down when out walking with his new ' beau ' alongside him. :wub:

Daisy's new Mum and Dad couldn't be happier at the outcome and how easy Daisy has been.

Happy days Daisy Dog.

Thanks as always to Michelle for taking Daisy into her kennels and to Bev, Nick and Fangy for helping Daisy on her way to her new home and t the folk that helped with her transport up to Scotland. :signthankspin:


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