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This handsome big boy :wub:has winged his way up to the North East of Scotland.  Henry, now to be known as Linden :wub: has found himself a lovely family in a quiet part of Aberdeen.

He's settled in really well and has found out about all the home comforts of being a pet. He has his own bedroom and mattress :lol: he's not quite discovered the sofa yet but I'm guessing that won't be long. He's a bit of a shy boy but already he's starting to play with all his toys and he's really enjoying his  walks out and about.

Be happy big fella, you deserve all these comforts.

Thanks to Michelle for taking Linden into her care, to  all the people who helped transport Linden and to Kirstie for fostering him, I know he was a tough one to say 'Good Bye 'to :signthankspin:

Henry 2.jpg


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Gorgeous Henry, well done on bagging a brilliant home. Thanks all who helped get him there :signthankspin:

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Wonderful, wonderful news. He's SO gorgeous! Pat on the back to his fosterer for letting him go!!! I couldn't have!! Happy New Home, Luscious Linden. 👏👏❤❤❤❤

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