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      12 Days of Christmas   12/13/2017

      Be sure to check out our post in the Behaviour and Training section about all the issues and possible dangers that face all dogs at this festive time of year
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This lovely girl,:wub: never made it too the Homeless page as we had a home waiting for her.

Suzie, now to be known as Lucy has winged her way up to the NE Scotland and has settled in really well. She has been the perfect girl in all ways and her new owners can't believe how easy a girl she is. :thumbup: She's loving her garden and her sofa :D

Be happy beautiful girl :throb:

Thanks to Michelle for taking her in and starting her journey as a loving pet, to Roseann and family  and Rover ( who really misses her ):(for helping her adjust  to her new life and anyone who helped with her transport up North. :signthankspin:



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She is a beautiful lady and her new family adore her.  Rover is still missing her, but he is getting his sofa back, so that will please him.  Good luck with your new family Lucy x

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