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      SGS 10th Anniversary   03/01/2018

      To mark the 10th year of SGS we have a few special events organised, including new merchandise with a brand new logo, a special auction on Facebook and a brand new website; www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com. Click here to see the full post http://sgsforum.co.uk/topic/35344-sgs-is-10-years-old/    
Dianthus Barbatus

Michael Heseltine strangled his mother's dog to death

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The despicable man has said on the BBC Teletext page that the dog didn't die when he pulled the choke chain, but "Kim returned to being the dog they knew", but had the poor soul put down a day or two later. The old swine needs to get his story straight. ??

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Interesting!   I see the story on the link I posted has now been changed to fit in with the BBC Teletext story.

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