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  1. Pras

    Fleece Coats

    Just made the donation Sorry, I forgot to include the transaction ID before. It's 4616-3677-4871-5449.
  2. Pras

    Fleece Coats

    No worries. Could I get a purple fleece and green walking out coat? Plus a clicker if you have any left. No rush so 2nd class post is fine. Just give me a total and I'll donate on the website. Thanks.
  3. Pras

    Fleece Coats

    Anything available? No rush though if you're busy.
  4. Pras

    Fleece Coats

    Hi, I want to get both a fleece and a walking out coat for Jessie. She's a small. What colours do you currently have available in each? Also, do you have any clickers in stock? Thanks
  5. Pras


    Hi. Thank you for all the loving thoughts. Jessie is settling in wonderfully well. I've created a wee post about Jessie in the Newbie section with a few pics.
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