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  1. Hi Claire, have you any of the rain macs left? Laura 

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    2. Laura J

      Laura J

      Hi Claire 


      the rain macs arrived today, thank you for sending them. The green one has 24 on the label and I’m wondering if it is a 24” coat instead of 26”. The pink doesn’t have a label. I’m not too sure how they are suppose to sit but they look completely different on each dog 🤣.  Kandys is over her bottom and Kess’s isn’t quite at the start of his tail - i did say I was rubbish at the whole measuring lark!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ But maybe Kess’s is mistakingly a 24”?  

      I am thinking of taking them to west Calder fun day for a little while although I don’t expect Kess will come out the car. I wonder if I can speak to someone about the sizes at the stall and see if I need to buy another for My little boy Kess. 


    3. ClaireB


      Hi Laura, the costs are generously made so the labels are actually one size smaller than they are. 

      I won't be at the dogs Trust day but several of the team will be and they will have other coats with them so feel free to bring those ones along and swap them 

    4. Laura J

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