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  1. Bry23


    Loki is glad to hear that his sister Luna has another lovely new home 😊
  2. Bry23


    Hey everyone! Loki here. Can’t believe I’ve been with me new humans for over a month now. I’ve really settled down now and love going for walks. Went to the beach the other day and enjoyed a paddle. I got confused when the sea went over my ankles and didn’t know how to get back out, so my new mum had to wade in and give me a shove. It was fun though! I don’t mind at all when the humans go out for a bit, I just sleep at the top of the stairs. I kept having rather explosive outputs and a gurgley tum so after a bit of experimentation with my food they seem to have got this under control. I like to try and wake everyone at 4-5am when I hear someone else in the street leave but I get sent back to bed until a more ‘sensible hour’. I still don’t trust the cat and will go out of my way to avoid her. She’s never hurt me or paid much attention to me but I like to make a fuss and belt off at the sight of her. Maybe one day we’ll be friends. Maybe. I’ve made a few doggy friends though and lots of human friends too. Everyone seems to like petting me, which is great! Thanks again to everyone who helped me on my journey. Loki x
  3. Bry23


    We are so grateful to every one from SGS who was involved in Loki’s care before we adopted him. The gentle giant is coming out of his shell and enjoying life in Aberdeenshire. The cat is still very much a thing to be avoided at all costs, he gets himself in a bit of a fluster if he comes across her unexpectedly but will now tolerate sitting in the same room as her as long as she isn’t looking at him 😂. Looking forward to many years with our lovely big boy.
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