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  1. PepperRat

    homecheck EH7

    Is this one sorted @Lorri @Jax ?
  2. I can do this one next week @Lorri just need to print the forms off at work the start of week!
  3. Fabulous result and apologies again, we have sent a donation from Freya's bone money x
  4. Going to have to pass on our apologies, I've been struck down with a stomach bug (came on Thursday evening) and cannot leave the house, meds are not making a difference. So annoyed as I have been looking forward to this and meeting everyone x
  5. Any more info @ClaireB and how many of us are doing it so I know how deep a pocket for doggy treats Freya is looking forward to meeting up and making more doggy friends!
  6. PepperRat


    Wonderful news, happy forever home
  7. PepperRat


    Awww Lily is settling in, enjoy your new home.
  8. @ClaireB myself and OH would love to help out with this, we may need to borrow a GH if we do not have one by then
  9. PepperRat


    Awesome, many happy years in your new home
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