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      Christmas Can Collections   10/23/2017

      ts that time of year again! We are getting volunteers organised for our Christmas Can Collections, taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness so hopefully there should one near you! The dates are as follows; Glasgow - 25th November / Dundee - 26th November / Inverness 25th November / Edinburgh - TBC See the SGS events section for more info on each one. I


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    Going to the beach, chasing my ball, eating biscrox, being chased by other hounds and sleeeeeeping!
  1. What's for dinner???

  2. Bruised Bum

    Thanks for this info - He has had it before but was worried as this one was a big bruise compared to others.
  3. Bruised Bum

    Mostly on the beach - may have been a few seconds through dunes but other than that not really. Have you seen this before?
  4. Bruised Bum

    My lurcher sometimes gets large bruise like marks on his bum area. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Excuse the photos /: it doesn't seem to bother him or be sore? Any ideas?