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  1. LJDaberdeen


    Mel Sex: - FemaleAge: - 12/4/15Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Black Children: - Not assessed Cats: - Not assessed Small dogs: Not assessed Large dogs: - Yes Housetrained: - In progressSpayed/neutered: - Will be prior to Adoption Beautiful Mel has recently gone into foster. So far her foster family have discovered that she loves kisses, is super cuddly, likes to play with soft toys and she gets on really well with the two two other hounds she's living with. She walks really well on the lead and will soon get to meet other shapes and sizes of doggies to see how she gets on! We will update more on Mel as we get to know her.If you have room in your home and your hearts for Mel please visit our websitehttps://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
  2. LJDaberdeen

    Home check required EH26

    Looking for a volunteer to do a home check in EH26 area, 2 adults and an 8 yr old child. No other pets. Give me a shout if you can help!
  3. LJDaberdeen

    Music suggestions please

    Home sweet home - motley crew Happy - Pharrell Can't stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake Reach out - the four tops Your love keeps lifting me higher - Jackie Wilson
  4. LJDaberdeen


    This wee beauty never made it to the homeless page. Betty is a 1 year old lurcher whose previous owner had contacted us and asked for help in rehoming her. We had a free foster home available in the area, a first time fosterer in fact, and so we got her into this home and after a few days her foster mum decided she wasn't going anywhere! Betty seemed to fit in perfectly with her new routine and is proving to be a happy, excitable and playful girlie. Her new mum is delighted with her, and is looking forward to spoiling her this Christmas! We loved a failed foster happy ending!
  5. Anyone able to help with a home check in G44 area? No other pets or kids, just 2 adults PM me if you can help!
  6. LJDaberdeen

    Foster home needed for female hound recovering from injury

    Thanks for the offer, it's sorted now 🙂
  7. LJDaberdeen

    Foster home needed for female hound recovering from injury

    Haha, priorities! Unfortunately she's not cat safe! She's not been around children in her foster home but she just loves people!
  8. Hello folks, Looking for a temporary foster home for one of our homeless hounds recovering from an injury. Rosie is healing nicely now, but her foster human needs holiday cover before 10th December to around 28th December. She will also potentially need vet visits a few times a week for bandage changes and check ups. Rosie is using her crate for rest, and is on short gentle walks while she heals, but otherwise is a super happy, friendly, waggy girl who loves human attention. She's in the Aberdeen area just now but we can help with transport if need be. If you think you can help please give me a shout.
  9. LJDaberdeen


    Lucky Jon has now found his forever home with his new family in Edinburgh. Jon is now known as Monty and is loving his new life and sofa, didn't take him long to find his new favourite spot and his new dads can't think of a bad word to say about him. All the best in your new home Monty. As always thanks to everyone who helped Jon on his way, and especially to his foster family who found it difficult to let this one go!
  10. LJDaberdeen


    We have some wonderful news to share with you about this lovely boy Jasper. Jasper had been in SGS care for almost a year to the day when his most recent foster family decided they couldn't let him move on again. He's been so settled and happy with his new foster family and their hounds that they just couldn't let him go. He now lives out in the country with 5 doggy siblings, some horses and chickens and a lovely big field to run about in. He is especially fond of supervising his new mum while she's working in the stables! Massive thanks go out to everyone who helped Jasper on his way to his forever home, especially Eleanor who fostered him for the longest time and helped him along so much with his separation anxiety, and to Babs, Diane and Alisa who stepped in to help with fostering in the last few months, and finally to Janice and Stewart who just couldn't let him go! Another failed foster! Yippee! The whole team at SGS couldn't be happier for Jasper!
  11. LJDaberdeen

    Home check required EH5

  12. LJDaberdeen


    This big handsome pup has found his forever home! Bilco, now known as Khan has gone to live up on the Black Isle with his new mum, who was missing the company of a four legged pal around the house. Khan has settled in really well, and is a quiet and friendly hound. He's met a few of the local dogs and is enjoying the new scenery, especially the new sofa for roaching on! Thanks to all involved in helping get this boy home, especially his foster dad who couldn't have asked for an easier foster boy!
  13. LJDaberdeen

    Home check required EH5

    Home check required for EH5 area, it's a flat with 2 adults and 2 budgies (in a cage that don't get out) no other pets or kids PM me if you can help! Ta
  14. LJDaberdeen

    Phantom pregnancy

    Ah that's bad timing! The exact same thing happened to my own dog when we fostered/adopted her. She had a season while she was in foster and while we were waiting for a good time to neuter after that she went through a phantom pregnancy. She would take herself off to a bed upstairs and make a nest with her toys and was more sulky than usual. The vet gave her meds to stop producing milk as if it is left to build up it could cause infections if I remember right. No real advice except just give her a wee bit of nesting space if she wants it and keep an eye on her with other dogs/people/kids as her hormones will be all over the place, and might cause out of character reactions.

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