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  1. Home Check Needed - G42

    Home check required in Glasgow - G42 - 2 adults, no pets, no kids :-) Give me a shout if you can help!
  2. Melia

    Awww look at her go! So jealous of everyone's snow pics. I wish I was at home!
  3. Homecheck required - IV17

    Anyone able to carry out a home check here? 5 Cats... PM if you can help
  4. Melia

    Awwww that's fab to hear. Lucky Melia in her new home with her new brother!
  5. Home Check Needed - AB51

    That's fab thanks :-) I will PM you details.
  6. Home Check Needed - AB51

    Anyone able to carry out a home check here? Inverurie area. 1 older male greyhound already. PM if you can help please!
  7. Trev

    Yaaay Trev!
  8. Homecheck needed - Fostering - EH4

    Have emailed Kathrin
  9. Home Check Needed - TD1

    Looking for a home check here, it's a small farm with horses and chickens, older couple, no kids or other pets in the house. PM me or one of the team if you can help!
  10. Tiger

    Big beautiful Tiger hasn't had an easy time of it, he has been homed and returned into our care a couple of times since he first came into SGS care over a year ago. He's been a bit confused and upset by his experiences but he's now really settled into his foster home and they have been working really hard with him, taking him to behaviour classes and working alongside the SGS team. Tiger has improved massively in their care, so much so that his foster parents couldn't bear to part with him when the time came to think about listing him for adoption. He's such a happy, confident and more relaxed dog in their company and his new parents are delighted to be able to keep him! Welcome to the Failed Foster club Bev and Nick! As always, thanks so much to the SGS team who helped with Tiger's journey. So many of us were involved in transport/fostering/training/homing this boy so everyone at SGS is absolutely delighted for you guys, and of course "Fang"!
  11. Homecheck needed - Fostering - DG2

    Young couple and a 3 yr old lurcher looking for a home check for fostering. Any takers?
  12. Homecheck needed - Fostering - EH4

    Anyone help here? Lady and 13 year old, no other pets except a goldfish. This is for fostering.
  13. Homecheck needed for AB12

    Can you pm me details, I'm AB12. Can try and squeeze in this weekend but if not will have to wait until I come back from offshore. I'm away 20th-27th :-).
  14. Nora

    Brilliant photo :-) she looks quite content!
  15. Glen

    Yay, very happy for Glen and his new family. He's such a lovely boy, it felt like giving someone the best present ever when handing him over. Hopefully it won't be the last I see of him as he's only ten minutes down the road :-)