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  1. LJDaberdeen


    Sex: - maleAge: - 15 months (Born April 2017)Breed: - Whippet XColour: - Fawn BrindleChildren: - not yet assessedCats: - Cat trainableSmall dogs: - YesLarge dogs: - YesHousetrained: - YesSpayed/neutered: - Yes Little Ari has just gone into Foster in the North East. It's early days yet but so far he is proving to be a happy, waggy pup! He loves tearing up soft toys and playing with his ball. He's living with a lurcher at the moment, and has previously lived with another lurcher so would probably like another dog for company. He loves humans and has plenty energy for long walks. He lived on a farm previously so is ok around livestock. Assessments and training for Ari are ongoing so we will update more as we get to know him . If you have room in your home and your hearts for Ari please visit our website https://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
  2. LJDaberdeen


    Handsome Harry was only in foster a few weeks before he came to the rescue of another SGS boy Neville who had been recently rehomed. Neville was proving a very shy boy in his new home and looked like he needed a doggy pal to help him with his confidence. Harry absolutely fit the bill - he is confident, friendly and affectionate and was very happy living around other dogs. Harry went off to meet Nev and his humans one afternoon and just made the best impression. Nev and his owners loved Harry so much they took him home to live in the North East. Harry is such a funny, cheeky boy and is helping his new big brother Nev realise the world is not such a scary place. Be happy in your new home Harry! Thanks as always to everyone who got Harry to this point, and especially to his foster humans. We know he was a hard one to let go!
  3. LJDaberdeen


    Awwww look at him! He's so handsome. Glad all is working out with this big scaredy boy Lianne (your home checker!!)
  4. LJDaberdeen


    Shy boy Nev went into foster last month and was then adopted by a lovely couple in the North East who had been waiting patiently for their new boy. Nev turned out to be extra shy in his new home after coming from the company of other dogs, to being an only dog. As the couple had said they would like to adopt two dogs, a week later they introduced Nev to his new little brother Harry, who had been in foster for a few weeks and was turning out to be a cheeky, friendly boy! The two have been getting on so well in their new home together, and Nev is becoming more adventurous by the day with cheeky Harry to learn from! Initially he was freezing on his walks and too shy to ask for cuddles, now he greets his humans with a happy waggy tail in the morning and gets excited when he sees his lead coming out! We are sure Nev will come on leaps and bounds in his new home! Thanks as always to everyone involved in Nev's journey!
  5. LJDaberdeen

    Home check required EH3

    Thanks andrina. I shall pm you the details later today when I get on the pc.
  6. LJDaberdeen

    Home check required EH3

    We need a home check in the EH3 area. 3 adults, no other pets or kids. Let me or one of the team know if you can help!
  7. LJDaberdeen

    Home check needed - IV7 Black Isle

    Home check required in IV7 area,1 lady and 2 children (9) no other pets. Give us a shout if you can help!
  8. LJDaberdeen


    awwww great news for this boy!! Big dafty pup!
  9. LJDaberdeen


    Dash Sex: - Female Age: - 3 yrs Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Black Dash had been in SGS foster care for a good few months, learning the ropes from her foster siblings and getting herself ready to be a fantastic pet in her forever home. We are delighted to announce that she has now found herself in her forever home and is an absolute cuddle monster, as described by her new family, who have fallen head over heels for her! We would like to thank Louise and Harry for fostering this wee girl initially, and also to Bryony and Zarene who stepped in for SGS when Dash needed them. She certainly made an impression on everyone she met over the last few months! Be happy in your new home, Dash!
  10. LJDaberdeen

    Home check needed KY11 area

    Can anyone help with a home check in KY11 area? No other dogs or pets, 2 adults and a 15 yr old. Drop me a PM if you can help! Thanks!
  11. LJDaberdeen


    Hello, welcome to the forum. We are always looking for volunteers for various things so any extra help is appreciated. We quite often need short videos/slideshows made up for some of our homeless dogs for our Facebook page, and might be looking to update some of our flyers/promo material in the coming months! In terms of getting to know the dogs, we don't have kennels up here at the moment but it would be a good experience to come along to one of the walks, there are usually plenty of hounds there to meet and loads of experienced owners to talk to, plus newbies who go to the walks to find out more about the breed before adopting. Thanks for supporting SGS!
  12. LJDaberdeen

    Home Check Needed - ML6

    Thanks Kaz, will PM you the details in a bit!
  13. LJDaberdeen

    Home Check Needed - ML6

    Can anyone help with a home check here, Airdrie? 3 adults, no pets, no kids :-) Give us a shout if you can help, Thanks!
  14. LJDaberdeen

    Home Check Needed - G42

    Home check required in Glasgow - G42 - 2 adults, no pets, no kids :-) Give me a shout if you can help!
  15. LJDaberdeen


    Awww look at her go! So jealous of everyone's snow pics. I wish I was at home!

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