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      12 Days of Christmas   12/13/2017

      Be sure to check out our post in the Behaviour and Training section about all the issues and possible dangers that face all dogs at this festive time of year


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  1. Homecheck needed for AB12

    Can you pm me details, I'm AB12. Can try and squeeze in this weekend but if not will have to wait until I come back from offshore. I'm away 20th-27th :-).
  2. Nora

    Brilliant photo :-) she looks quite content!
  3. Glen

    Yay, very happy for Glen and his new family. He's such a lovely boy, it felt like giving someone the best present ever when handing him over. Hopefully it won't be the last I see of him as he's only ten minutes down the road :-)
  4. Luath

    Glad he got snapped up! You've no idea how many screen shots of this boy I've sent to Callum over the past few weeks. Love a scruffy dug!!
  5. Dogs Day Out, Glamis, 30/07/17

    Janice, I'll write something about Izzy for you next week when I'm back at work with better computer access. Are you looking for poster style like I did a while back with the "before and after"?
  6. Jackson

    Awwww a very happy ending for Jackson, and wee Tara. Was great to meet them the other day, Jackson is so super chilled <3
  7. Bess

    Little lurcher leggies! Great news for Bess :-)
  8. SGS Appeal for Fosterers

    Welcome :-) it's such a rewarding thing to do, and you can't help but fall for every dog that comes to stay
  9. Volunteering!

    maybe you'll fall head over heels for one of the dogs you are transporting....and maybe you'll just keep one....
  10. Casey

    Awwww she's so pretty! Glad they got their dog!
  11. Harry

    I made a bed for him in the spare room and sometimes he would sleep in there for a few hours but he always snuck through to ours in the middle of the night, maybe cos Izzy was in there too. Ahhhhhh his bloody lugs! I spent so much time chasing him around to unfold his dafty ears. He looks very settled, and enjoying plenty of cuddles <3
  12. Harry

    Happy new home Harry! Looking forward to seeing more photos of him and his new family. He was such a sweet wee boy, and a total cuddle monster. Will miss him trying to sneak into my bed every other hour of the night
  13. Blitz

    Brilliant news for this lovely family, and even better news for Blitz! He'll have an absolute blast in his new home, right next to the beach :-)
  14. Tiger ( now Sammy )

    My lovely boy, so happy for him
  15. Success Stories 2016

    Awww so lovely to see. I only joined SGS at the start of 2016 but so far I've fostered four very different dogs, adopted my beautiful Izzy toot, made some good friends with some crazy dog people and their gorgeous hounds and done ALOT of walking. It's been a good year :-) Happy new year to all the SGS team :-)