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  1. Sex: - Female Age: - 6/12/15 Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Brindle Children: - currently in foster with child Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - not yet assessed Large dogs: - yes Housetrained: - yes Spayed/neutered: - will be prior to homing Shy girl Magic is in foster with SGS at the moment. She has a human foster brother who she just loves to follow around, and currently living with another female hound. Out and about she walks really well on the lead and so far she hasn't been bothered with other dogs, as she is quite shy and nervous and doesn't like loud noises, so would benefit from being homed in a quieter area. We will update more on Magic as we get to know her! If you have room in your home and your hearts for Magic please visit our website https://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
  2. Sex: - FemaleAge: - 5 in May 2019Breed: - Lurcher - Saluki x WhippetColour: - FAWNChildren: - not yet assessed - yesCats: - not yet assessed - NoSmall dogs: - not yet assessed - YesLarge dogs: - not yet assessed - YesHousetrained: - YesSpayed/neutered: - Yes Lovely Lola never made it to the homeless pages. She came into SGS's care through no fault of her own when her family could no longer keep her. She went into foster and only a few weeks later a family came to visit her and fell in love and decided to take her away that same day. She has so far settled in well, an "absolute dream" as described by her new foster family. Happy new life lovely Lola! Thanks to all involved in her care and transport on her way to her fab new life!
  3. LJDaberdeen


    Roe Sex: - Female Age: - 4.5yrs( born 21st July 2014) Breed: - Lurcher Colour: - Fawn Children: - Yes Cats: - No Small dogs: - Yes Large dogs: - yes Housetrained: - Yes Lurcher Roe has gone off to her forever home on the Isle of Lewis! She's had been in foster with SGS for a while after being given up by previous owners who sadly had a change of circumstanes. She has been waiting for her perfect match for a few months. Her new mum made the long journey down to meet her and fell in love with her instantly. Roe is a very cuddly and affectionate girl, who just adores running around with her new doggy brother Sam. Happy new home Roe! Thanks to everyone who helped Roe on her journey!
  4. Sex: - male Age: - 2 Breed: - saluki x Colour: - fawn Children: -not yet assessed Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - yes Large dogs: - yes Housetrained: - yes Spayed/neutered: - no, will be done while in foster. Murray was quite a shy and nervous boy but with the help of his foster family he is becoming braver every day, he's very cheeky and playful and loves a good run around. He lives with 3 females hounds at the moment and is good around most of the dogs he has met out and about. He needs to put on a bit of weight before he can be neutered but it won't be long before he is ready for homing! Murray will need an active home that has the time and patience to continue his training and boost his confidence. We will continue to update on Murray as he gets himself ready to be rehomed!
  5. Sex: - Female Age: - 22 months (26/4/17)Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - white and brindle Children: - not yet assessed Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - not yet assessed Large dogs: - not yet assessed Housetrained: - ongoing in fosterSpayed/neutered: - Yes Lovely girl Bramble has been in foster a few weeks now, and is coming out of her shell. She's able to go up and down stairs, she's found the sofa, and is currently working on her housetraining. She gets on just fine with the hounds she lives with. We will continue to update as we get to know more about her!
  6. Our beautiful Bracken has found her forever home A young couple looking for a canine companion fell in love with her before even meeting her! We didn't have any doubt she would be going straight home with them 😁 Bracken, now known as Dixie, has been in her new home a week now and has been an absolute angel, getting on really well with her new granny's greyhound too We look forward to hearing about Dixie's future adventures! Many thanks to everyone who helped Dixie find her way home, particularly Michelle for taking her in and Bev and Nick (and Fangy) for fostering her.
  7. Buster has found his retirement home! Buster is an ex working lurcher who was looking for a warm fire and comfy sofa to retire on. He has got his wish! After a few weeks learning the ropes in foster home a couple came to meet Buster and fell in love with him. They returned the following week to take him home and haven't had a bad word to say about him! He's settled in so well, enjoying his walks and certainly loving his cosy fire! Thanks to all involved in Buster's transports, and to Bev and Nick for fostering this boy. Also, should say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the search efforts when Buster decided to go for a 3 day hike around the countryside when he first went into foster. Everyone at SGS was overwhelmed by the efforts of the volunteers who went out to search for him. Be happy in your new home Buster boy!
  8. Thank you! Will email you the details in a wee while 🙂
  9. Any of our lovely volunteers able to help with a home check in the G42 area? 2 adults, no other pets or kids. PM me if you can help.
  10. Mel Sex: - FemaleAge: - 12/4/15Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Black Children: - Not assessed Cats: - Not assessed Small dogs: Not assessed Large dogs: - Yes Housetrained: - In progressSpayed/neutered: - Will be prior to Adoption Beautiful Mel has found her forever home, and got herself a new name - Kahlo! She's been no bother for her new family and is fitting in well with the rest of the local hounds. One of her favourite things is having a biiiiiig stretch out on her rug! She's enjoying her new toys and her new life and best of all she also has a human sister to play with now too. Be happy in your new home, and thanks as always to those who helped her along the way! Especially her fosterers, we know she was a hard one to let go!
  11. Looking for a volunteer to do a home check in EH26 area, 2 adults and an 8 yr old child. No other pets. Give me a shout if you can help!
  12. Home sweet home - motley crew Happy - Pharrell Can't stop the feeling - Justin Timberlake Reach out - the four tops Your love keeps lifting me higher - Jackie Wilson
  13. This wee beauty never made it to the homeless page. Betty is a 1 year old lurcher whose previous owner had contacted us and asked for help in rehoming her. We had a free foster home available in the area, a first time fosterer in fact, and so we got her into this home and after a few days her foster mum decided she wasn't going anywhere! Betty seemed to fit in perfectly with her new routine and is proving to be a happy, excitable and playful girlie. Her new mum is delighted with her, and is looking forward to spoiling her this Christmas! We loved a failed foster happy ending!
  14. Anyone able to help with a home check in G44 area? No other pets or kids, just 2 adults PM me if you can help!
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