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  1. I'm donating a comical aqua greyhound scarf from the scarf seller and she has kindly given me a 2nd scarf for the auction .
  2. 21 Dec 2017 22:37:43 GMT Transaction ID: 1VB26861HJ811673H Dear Roseann Foster, You sent a payment of £18.30 GBP to Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary.
  3. Hi Claire can I have a red one and let me know the cost and I will send it to you when I get in from work tonight. There is no rush for it as I know sgs will be shutting for xmas Roseann
  4. Hi Claire what colour do you have in size 30. ? Roseann
  5. sorry Claire I thought I had sent this. Done now EC192017 Scottish Greyhound SanctuaryDonation Loading transaction details forScottish Greyhound SanctuaryDonation - negative£6.40
  6. Claire can I get the large one please. Roseann Foster
  7. Hi Claire what colour of fleece coats do you have to fit Rover is he is 32" Thanks Roseann
  8. I'm going to make somethings to sell at xmas fayre. I did get a holiday for that day so will see how much I can get done x
  9. sorry Claire I cant help out at Dundee can collection on Sunday my work have decided to give me overtime for the course I am on, but I have to work my shift on Sunday because they are short staffed. Sorry.
  10. Rosie25


    She is a beautiful lady and her new family adore her. Rover is still missing her, but he is getting his sofa back, so that will please him. Good luck with your new family Lucy x
  11. I am meant to be working that day, but there is training happening so I may be off. If thats the case we will be there. Will let you know asap.
  12. Rosie25


    Bradie was the easiest foster boy we have had. He is lovely and will make a great best friend. I know his new family loved him straight away. He will enjoy his long walks once he has recovered from his injury. Enjoy your new life wee man x
  13. Rosie25


    Boomer/Roger seems very happy with his new family. I am so pleased for him. Enjoy your new life my wee cuddly pal.
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