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  1. BabsP


    awww wee luna, she is a beautiful girl, happy , funny crazy girl enjoy you great new home xx
  2. I hope to be there, will just need to see what's happening to leg aftrer hospital appointment
  3. BabsP


    Awwww my wee scone, she was so lovely and cheecky lol, just needed to find her people, lovely wee family , well done everyone xx
  4. Hi Claire, hope you well, Can I ask for a web collar for Gabe along with a muzzle and coat ? poor boy had nothing, been squeezing into the girls things, but they are a little small,

    Babs x


    1. ClaireB


      What size is he Babs? Measure along his back from collar to tail for the coat

    2. BabsP


      Oh sorry Claire, he is 29 inches  poor boy came with a collar and lead that were taped up

  5. OK on here now, been so long, do you want to let me know where and when, I will get here ready for my wee foster
  6. 4x4

    hi babs can you send me alexis number as I cant get through on the phone I think it,s a wrong number just to let you know suzie and Tillie are doing great when I move they follow me as I write this tillieis on couch spread out and suzie is lying with her head on my foot love these two girls thanks again stewart

    1. BabsP


      I will look up no for Alexis Stewart, in case I gave you wrong no so glad the girls have settled in so well. Thank you for looking after them so well, and for keeping me informed on how they are doing 


    2. 4x4


      hi babs there great I said to emma we had thunder and lightning on sat we were in landie I looked to see if ok .the 2 sleepyheads were sleeping.pauline was eating her breakfast and had to go to door suzie ate her Weetabix haha think I,ll need to set a place at table for them.got Tillie wagging tail and turning on her back when Pauline comes in.suzie follows me everywhere and Tillie follows love that suzie cries if I go and shut the door and she cant see me Pauline,s got to tell her her daddies coming bk love these two girls.out with me most of the day.as I write this to you the two girls on sofa tell alexis I,ll send her pics of them when I get in touch with her r u keeping well cheers for now

  7. BabsP

    Homecheck DD2

    Is this Dundee/ I could help next week
  8. is this tomorrow or Saturday? couldn't quite make out, sorry
  9. If Katie's ok with that? It would be better for me, as I will be home all day to settle her in, during the week I am out and about.
  10. 4x4

    thanks for call last night will call alexis later on and give her an update on suzie and Tillie cheers

  11. 4x4

    hi babs suzie and Tillie have found the couch Tillie was first and managed to get suzie on it last night.tried to phone alexis  but must be something wrong with her phone as it,s not taken incoming calls I,ll keep trying if you could let her know I,ve tried to contact her I know your busy.my landline is 01294539398 as you forgot to call me last week cheers for now

    1. BabsP


      Sorry Stuart, I din't forget, just been crazy running dogs to vets, homes, from wardens as emergencies, I also have a very scared wee boy staying with me at the moment, really sorry not got back to you, will call this evening.


  12. do we have anyone in this area?
  13. BabsP


    AWWWE Beautiful boy, so happy to see him looking so well, happy forever life xx
  14. BabsP


    awwwe great news for the wee guy, thanks Janice for getting him there.
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