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  1. Did you get anyone? Could assist with Saturday...
  2. That's Rannas chip done, too. Still having problems replying to threads!

    1. Shona C

      Shona C

      Thanks. Forum is being a pain at the moment

    2. Mooseifer
  3. Afternoon!

    Having problems replying on Mr Bo's thread. He's registered with Fido.ie. We're just waiting on them activating our SGS account, I'll get the details changed over as so as possible...

    Same with Ellie's chip.


    1. Shona C

      Shona C

      That's fine no rush I don't think.The chip changing seems quite complicated I'm pretty sure I'd struggle

      Thanks Martin



  4. Just had a flurry of notifications! Thanks for helping organise the transportation, everyone, you guys are awesome ?
  5. We're going out at half 4, tonight. Can anyone do Livingston (or nearby) to Ladybank if we go to New Cummnock and pick up?
  6. Fiona and I could do the last leg, after the Kelpies walk; but it would need to be no later than 2pm as Fiona is working at 6, and I'm heading into town around then too...
  7. I can be at East Whitburn fir 6am... @Sallydust @Fiona S
  8. Brilliant photos! Well done everyone?
  9. Mooseifer


    Aww, thank you!
  10. We can meet up with Andrina, and come to you on the way. I'll PM Andrina to check that's OK to do.
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