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      12 Days of Christmas   12/13/2017

      Be sure to check out our post in the Behaviour and Training section about all the issues and possible dangers that face all dogs at this festive time of year


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  1. Woody

    WTG Flynn! Enjoy your more-than-well-deserved new home
  2. Buck

    Oh what lovely news to brighten a rainy morning! We were so sad when you lost Rocky, but gorgeous Kerr will help to heal the loss. Be happy, all together
  3. Meg and Peg

    ohhhh I'm so glad life has worked out for these lovely shy girls Thanks to everyone involved and especially their new family - we wish you every happiness and a smooth transition to the new pack
  4. Dave

    He's really gorgeous! Enjoy life now, Dave
  5. Blitz

    He is such a honeybunch: be happy beautiful Blitz and enjoy the exciting new life you'll lead. Thank you everyone who helped him on the way
  6. Tiger ( now Sammy )

    Happy new forever life, Sammy may the sun shine on you from now on. Thank you to all the fantastic SGS people who made it possible: such a brilliant list, which shows all that's best about SGS
  7. Missing Greyhound: Dundee

    Just think how that family must be feeling to have her back: what a relief
  8. Success Stories 2016

    More than 90 reasons to be happy that 2016 was a successful year! I wish we lived nearer so we could be more involved, but meanwhile we're grateful for all the magnificent volunteers who tirelessly home check, transport, foster, street collect, swap (and sell) crates/beds/coats/collars, make up calendars and videos, organise festivities; who freely give really useful, down to earth advice and reassure when we feel at a loss : thank you all. Jura and Charlie send 2017 greetings to all the other lucky hounds who now have forever homes
  9. and again, it's Charlie

    this time with Jura. It gets quite crowded in the evenings with one of us trying to fit in between them........
  10. Charlie - again

    sorry but I joined photobucket and I don't understand a word of it. So I can only upload one pic at a time. Here's Charlie within hours of arrival having a full on roach
  11. Charlie's first weekend

    OK here goes: this pic is from Charlie's first couple of days with us: you can see that he didn't take long to settle in! Today's big news, 3 weeks later, is that last night he slept downstairs all night without a bark or a whine This is my bed, he thought then .........
  12. Harley

    It was lovely to read these great notes on a morning when Charlie and Jura have been competing for the bedspace all night and the winners were - drum roll - both dogs, which made Ian and me the losers..... I'm too old for this, aching in every bone, so back to the drawing board for overnight routine! Better try the crate idea, I think And they are both fresh as daisies this morning - grrrr good job we love 'em both
  13. Harley

    Huge thanks to everyone who helped Harley when he needed it most, especially Katherine, Diane and Jennifer. We are very grateful that he is so remarkably unphased by his nomadic life up to now. He won't be going anywhere from now on, unless his pack is with him. He is so settled it's impossible to believe it's just a week since Jim very kindly brought him down to Lockerbie to meet us. Have to say that 'Charlie is my darling'! anyone want to sing it for me?
  14. Doodle

    That makes me feel quite weepy! So, so glad that Doodle is at home for good now: he deserves it. And a huge well done and thank you to Gill, Andy and Lola for their love and patience to help him be the best dog he can be.
  15. Luke

    Have a wonderful future lovely Luke. Think the third pic of him from his homeless profile should be entered in Biggest Smiles comp - and now he'll be smiling all the time