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  1. Oh what a beautiful girl 😍 Happy new life, gorgeous Lola
  2. Happy new forever home, beautiful Roe! Enjoy your life with your new family, especially Sam, and tell your Mum if she ever brings you south in the islands to stop off and see us all in Berneray
  3. Ianandjudith


    Jessie you look gorgeous, despite the loss of 21 teeth. Nothing will hold you back now. Happy new life from now on. 😍
  4. Brilliant - could you put it in the Ravelry SGS forum as well please? 🙏🙏
  5. Ianandjudith


    Having a wee weep here - thank you to everyone, and Happy Christmas in your new family, Robin
  6. Happy Christmas, Betty - Santa has brought you the best present ever And Mum - welcome to the FF Club! More gorgeous pics please
  7. Ianandjudith


    Oooooh he's beautiful 😍 Be happy , safe and confident, Lee. And well done for joining the FF Club, Amrita! Please let us have more pics of your gorgeous boy! PS Hope you both enjoyed the wedding
  8. Ianandjudith


    Oh I'm so glad for Luna: she's got a happy ending finally. I REALLY hope that we'll see more pics of her in future: she is just sooooo gorgeous 😍
  9. Fabulous pictures, Jax 😍 Everyone looks so chilled and at ease I am so jealous, and keep reminding myself that maybe next year........... Erm: anybody like to buy a house in deepest Derbyshire?
  10. FANTASTIC! thank you to everyone who was able to help, and thank you for the gorgeous pics
  11. Ooooooooh - she's just gorgeous 😍😍 Welcome to the SGS family wee one!
  12. Ianandjudith


    Happy new home, Paddy! Gary and Fionn - so glad for you to have found a new companion so quickly
  13. Seeing the adoption posts at the beginning is really poignant and brings home the gift you gave each other of eight happy years run free of pain and remember your family, Sprite, beautiful girl. Hugs Tracey
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