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  1. Rain Macs

    Thanks. £11.40 paid via Paypal. Ref. 89R53723YD8300743.
  2. Rain Macs

    That'll do. Just to confirm before I pay, he measures 27" but the posts above say to order smaller, so will 26" be long enough, do you reckon?
  3. Rain Macs

    Thanks. What colours do you have left in 26" unlined?
  4. Rain Macs

    I could do with an unlined one for my shaggy lurcher who looks lie a drowned rat the minute a drop of rain hits him. What is the measurement - is it from neck to tail, or do I measure round round his chest?
  5. Keeping us safe

    What a sorry state the world is coming to. I agree it would be a good idea always take a 2nd person, even if they sit in the car. can't be too careful these days.
  6. Jet

    Some pics of Jet & his new buddy Beck. Jet is loving the wide open spaces - loads of opportunities for zoomies
  7. Homecheck needed for PH25

    I could do this if you're still needing someone - I live not too far away.
  8. Summer Can Collection - Inverness

    Wow, that's a very respectable sum . I think we all did well, considering there were probably fewer SGSers & dogs there than would be the case in Edinburgh of Glasgow! I know I talked to about 3 people who may get in touch for rehoming (including one lady who assumed rehoming was only done in the Central Belt) and one potential fosterer. Fingers crossed we get some new adopters or fosterers. I'm up for another one next year, but we all agreed that some sort of banner or posters would have made us much more obvious.
  9. Summer Can Collection - Inverness

    Well I don't think we made much money but it was fun spending 2 hours telling anyone who'd listen how wonderful greyhounds/lurchers are Was nice to meet fellow SGS supporters & their dogs too.
  10. Beck

    Beck went for a group walk today with 4 GSDs, 1 labrador & 1 husky! He is a perfect gentleman and greets new dogs very calmly. What a star! Mind you, he did show the long haired GSD where the blackest bit of bog was, then stood on the side keeping clean while she wallowed It was a 4 mile walk - he is now flat out on his bed doing an impression of a dead lurcher.
  11. Beck

    Will do Rachel. It seems to be holding up well at the moment
  12. Beck

    Here are some picture of Beck enjoying his Highland life