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  1. janm


    Yes, that worked. How bizarre! Maybe I'm going senile 🤣
  2. janm

    Homecheck needed Strathdon

    I possibly could unless there's someone nearer who wants to? Only 60 miles away from me & a nice drive over. I should maybe point out that driving 120 miles on country roads is fun - I wouldn't offer to do it on the A9 or a motorway 😁
  3. janm


  4. janm


    Sorry, just seen your reply - didn't get a notification for some reason. I don't need anything else thanks. I'll pay £6.50 by paypal now. P.S. Paypal payment made - ref 5YB69345E3304983Y
  5. janm


    Please can you send me another lurcher muzzle?
  6. janm

    Homecheck required - IV17

    Ignore me, I'm losing my marbles
  7. janm

    Homecheck - Stornoway

    Only just seen your reply! For some reason I didn't get an email notification.
  8. janm

    Homecheck needed IV30

    Possibly, but I think there's someone nearer there who does homechecks too. And not until the weather improves a lot!
  9. janm

    Homecheck - Stornoway

    I'm sure you'll find someone closer than me to do this but, if not, I'll be on holiday over there in May & could fit it in.
  10. janm

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Well that just about sums up what's wrong with humanity nowadays!
  11. janm

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Or at least tell Highland Council, who presumably gave us permission in the first place?
  12. janm

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Wonder why I didn't get an email about the updated thread............. Never mind, that amount is absolutely FAB (and about 3 times what we collected last year?). Very pleased that our efforts were worth it. It was amazing how many folks stopped to tell us they have greyhounds/lurchers.
  13. janm

    Homecheck needed for IV30

    I could maybe do this if there's nobody closer, but not this weekend.
  14. janm

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Let's hope the roads are OK for getting to Inverness tomorrow - A9 should be clear by that time, and I'll do my best!

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