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  1. Mer868

    Guvma Rodeo 2018

    Me and Sunny will be along..can help.out x
  2. Mer868


    From one Sunny to another...happy years ahead x
  3. Mer868

    Home check needed - Isle of Arran

    We will be going towards end of may but maybe too long to wait.
  4. Mer868

    Homecheck needed for G61

    Do you still need help with this ??
  5. Stevie wonder.... For once in my life ...
  6. Beautiful day.....U 2 Happy.......pharrell Williams Sunny Boney M Mr Blue Sky or All over the World.....ELO But my favourite is I'm on my way by the proclaimers......i think I suggested it last year too......
  7. Mer868

    Urgent Transport Sunday 20.11.16 please?

    We could perhaps pick him up from lennoxtown and hand him over somewhere else.......couldn't commit to perth and back tomorrow i'm afraid...
  8. Hi claire.....could I have 1 calendar please   we should be at the next walk......could pick it up then ...thanks

    1. ClaireB


      Sure, thing ill bring it along then

  9. Mer868


    Aww brilliant !! Xx
  10. Mer868

    Homecheck for G62

    I could maybe help with this
  11. Mer868

    SGS Summer Picnic - Chatelherault Country Park

    We enjoyed it too... and thank you to everyone who organised it all......I did want to help to clear up but was sent away with a doggy bag.,!!...a real doggy bag !!..... Martin and Fiona.....Sunny loves your liver cake !!. . .... lovely to see everyone and their happy hounds xxx
  12. Could do friday.....if nothing turns up sooner......
  13. Mer868


    aww what a lovely feel good story.......happiness all round.......look forward to seeing future pics xx
  14. Mer868

    Customised Dog Lead Hooks

    Sunny's bum !!!.... Need to be a big one to match !

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