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  1. andi184

    Christmas Can Collection - Glasgow

    Well done hoomans, but most of all hounds!❤️🐾
  2. andi184

    Christmas Can Collection - Glasgow

    We can help out here, Claire. Any time slot.
  3. andi184

    Homecheck ML1

    We. can do this, Claire.
  4. andi184

    Home check needed please - ML3

    We can do this, Lorraine 👍
  5. andi184

    Home check needed - ML8

    We can do this, Jax.
  6. andi184

    Glasgow Summer Can Collection

    We can do from 11am onwards. 👍
  7. andi184

    Auction donations _ Spring auction facebook

    I have a bookmark and some Scruffy Mutts cards.
  8. andi184

    Fostering homecheck needed - ML 11

    We can do this. Haven't done a fostering check before, though?
  9. andi184

    HC needed please - EH 48

    We can do this.
  10. andi184

    Summer can collection Glasgow - Total!!!

    Yaaaaayyy!!! Well done everyone. Would have loved to have been there. X
  11. andi184

    Home check needed - Isle of Arran

    We're going May 8th?
  12. andi184

    Home check needed - ML10 - (cats)

    Ta for sending this my way, Jax. X
  13. andi184

    Home check needed - G43

    We can do this, Jax.
  14. andi184

    Homecheck needed for G44

    We can do this.

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