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  1. Fab!! You can add another £20.00 from some of my family too I'll add it via the donate page.
  2. Yeah, that's fine! The Market Brae location was much better anyway
  3. Hi Claire, Jack, me and hounds would prefer the 12 - 2 slot. Cheers, Kirsteen.
  4. Thanks, Claire. I've transferred the money now. Kirsteen.
  5. That's great, thanks, Claire! How much is it with second class postage?
  6. We're not far from there so could do this one.
  7. Hi Claire, Do you have any large pink or red available? Thanks, Kirsteen.
  8. If no-one has already, is it worth contacting the Eastgate Centre to complain about being moved from Falcon Square?
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