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  1. Colonel

    What area of Scotland did he land in?
  2. Homecheck needed DD3

    I can.
  3. Dundee Can Collection

    Not sure if you've had any responses, but we could do the 1-3.
  4. Hello!

    We we have a large crate that we would like to donate to sgs. Would be able to drop it off with you? I thought at the fostering hub, it would be best for it to be with you so any fosters could take it with them if needed. I will also have some jackets to donate for dogs in the kennels.  I'll be driving down to Edinburgh on Friday, so I thought I could swing by and drop it off on my way.



    1. Keitha


      That sounds perfect - sorry I didn't see your message earlier - I don't spend very much time on the forum.  

      We always love a jacket or 3 though never think the dogs are cold while in their kennels - the heating is on 24 hours a day at the moment, for them.   Couldn't contemplate any of the dogs being cold!   

      Obviously, when they are out in the paddocks, they need extra padding on them and they are all wearing a jacket or coat of some description.  

      Thank you for your kind offer of the crate and coats - will very much look forward to seeing you tomorrow.





    2. knepute


      Great! I'll be swinging by around 7ish if that is ok?

    3. Keitha


      We have plans tomorrow night but hopefully it'll fit around you dropping off the crate, etc.    

      Can you please let me know if you're running late (07821 554413).

      Thank you.

  5. Home Check needed Dundee

    I might be able to do this? Where in Dundee?
  6. Home Check needed Dundee

    I could!
  7. Christmas ? can ? collection - Totals

    I am always so impressed with the people of Dundee. They love their dogs!
  8. Homecheck needed for DD10

    I can take it.
  9. Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    Yep, still a go!
  10. Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    We can do a 2-4 slot on Sunday. Unfortunately can't do Saturday because my girls are booked to be reindeer in a fancy dress competition!
  11. Homecheck needed AB30

    I can if needed!
  12. Harley

    Missing you Harley! Good to hear you are loving your new home.
  13. Roman

    He is such a cutie pie! No wonder he wasn't allowed to leave!
  14. Home check needed - DD10, Montrose

    I can take this.
  15. Customised Dog Lead Hooks

    He better start practicing his brindle patterns!