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  1. I can help if still needed.
  2. Pippa and I will be there for 2-4. Tula is a maybe...the couch just might be too comfortable for her to move from.
  3. We will be there as well. Happy to do the 12-2.
  4. knepute


    Sounds like he is quite a character!
  5. Can I get a black tote bag please! Have paid via PayPal. Cheers!
  6. Excellent! Not a prob. Gotta get the reindeer hats out!
  7. Pippa and I can take a slot. Plus we also have like 8 buckets to give back.
  8. knepute


    What area of Scotland did he land in?
  9. Not sure if you've had any responses, but we could do the 1-3.
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