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  1. pelicanbrief


    Great news for a fabulous wee dog. Alfie was an absolute delight to foster, so friendly to any dog and human. I can't believe I'll still get to see him now he's staying in the family, and his new owners couldn't be happier.
  2. Good luck and loads of love to my "special" Murray, who I watched helplessly for 9 months stuck in a shed 24/7 without company or stimulation. Thank you to his new owners and hope they love him as much as I did, and I know Roseann and the family did too. I'll never forget you Murray
  3. Haven't heard of this Fiona, but i'll look into it thanks
  4. Not a Greyhound, but a very close family friend's wee dog Buster went missing from his enclosed garden. He is devastated as Buster wouldn't normally wander off. It's a complete mystery and distributed posters have not brought any feedback. Glasgow dog warden told him if Buster has been involved in a fatal RTA, he will have been cremated without being scanned
  5. I Miss these two lovely girls, they were so easy to look after, but I just know they will be loved so much by Pauline and Stuart, and thanks to them both for taking both girls as they became best pals. Good luck my special ladies
  6. Indy moved to Liverpool to live with Gwen and Dave, and since they're not members on the site, they regularly send me little updates and photos. She has settled in so well and i've heard she gets spoilt rotten
  7. Latest pic of Indy enjoying her comfort with her new family Who wouldn't fall in love with those eyes?
  8. Got your details thank you. My friend and her Dad fly out to Canada today for a skiing trip, so Mum is left to look after the canine troups haha, but I shall get in touch on their return. I'm sure they'll be very happy to contact you.
  9. Hi, Yes they are in Liverpool. I will pass on your message, and perhaps you can let me know the contact details for them for the southern branch, and I will contact them
  10. Received this pic from my friend Megan who's Mum and Dad rehomed Indy. Megan is visiting her parents with her 18 mth old CockerSpaniel Molly, and the two of them have been tearing around the house playing with eachother, hence Indy looking a bit puffed out. She has settled in so well.
  11. pelicanbrief


    Good luck Lulu. I know Wendy will spoil her rotten
  12. Miss you darling Fly, and so does your big pal Lenny. Have a great life, you deserve it XXXX
  13. The retail company refuse to take responsibility for the Experience Days, saying Virgin are an independent company selling through the retailer. Therefore, should we be actually addressing Mr Branson's Virgin Group?
  14. Katie, it is a company called ISME x
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