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  1. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    That's lovely to hear. This guy deserves a great home x
  2. Rikki

    A pony and a hedgehog made me 😂. So glad this special boy has a wonderful home now, looking forward to hearing of his antics in the future.
  3. Peggy

    Brilliant news for little Peggy! Happy new home sweetie
  4. Tina & Paddy

    Happy new home Tina and Paddy, thankfully your journey is over now and you can relax. Thanks to everyone who helped get the twins to their forever home.x
  5. Breeze

    Fabulous news for Breeze. Thank you everyone who helped him find his way to his new home.x
  6. Homecheck needed for DD2

    Thanks, I'll pm you the details x
  7. Homecheck needed for DD2

    Bump. Anyone able to help?
  8. SSDR day

    Photos on Facebook, too many to post on here.
  9. SSDR day

    Brilliant. It was a good day, funny that at one point it seemed there were more hounds than sled dogs 😂
  10. I'm trying to decide what to bring...maybe some salad and veggie sausage rolls, they went down well last year.
  11. Home check needed EH17

    Thanks Emma, I'll pm you the details.
  12. Home check needed G41

    Sorted, thank you.
  13. home check needed G42

    Yes please, I'll pm you.
  14. Home check needed G41

    Hi folks, home check needed here please, 2 adults only in the house. Let me know if you can help, thanks.
  15. Home check needed EH12

    Thanks, I'll pm you the details.