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      Christmas Can Collections   10/23/2017

      ts that time of year again! We are getting volunteers organised for our Christmas Can Collections, taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness so hopefully there should one near you! The dates are as follows; Glasgow - 25th November / Dundee - 26th November / Inverness 25th November / Edinburgh - TBC See the SGS events section for more info on each one. I


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  1. Home check needed - G73

    Home check needed here folks, 2 adults, no kids or other pets. Let us know if you can help. Thank you!
  2. SGS Christmas Can collections - Glasgow

    @ClaireB you’ve written Sunday, just checking it’s definitely Saturday!
  3. Home check needed - G14

    That would be great thanks.
  4. Home check needed - G14

    Home check needed here please, two adults, no kids or pets. PM me if you can help. Thank you!
  5. Home Check needed please - EH 4

    Thanks Sally but no longer needed.
  6. Onesies and Jumpers

    @ClaireB are there any onesies or jumpers left that might fit a medium sized lab?
  7. Home check needed - G82

    Oh yea, sorry
  8. Bradie

    This young lad has found his new home and is settling in well. He's gone way up to the north east with his new mum and dad and they are smitten with him. The lucky boy is getting some lovely walks on the beach, although he is still a bit lame so no long hikes just yet! Thanks to everyone who helped this boy find his forever sofa and to Roseann and family for fostering him along the way.
  9. Home check needed - G82

    Home check needed, two adults and a 10 year old here, please pm me if you can help. Thank you.
  10. Gabe

    Great news for gabe, happy new home sweetheart. Thanks Babs for taking him in to your home and giving him the tlc he needed.
  11. Glen

    Well done Glen for bagging a brilliant home!
  12. Woody

    It is with great delight that we announce SGS boy Woody has found his forever home! Woody has landed firmly on all four paws with his new mum and dad, John and Zena. He even has a new name to go with his new home and will now be known as Flynn. It’s been quite a difficult journey for this lovely lad. He came to us about 9 months ago, a happy, playful boy who needed someone to understand him and help him learn to live as part of a family. Unfortunately our Woody bounced around a bit before he found his perfect sofa, but there were many wonderful people who helped him through all of this. Woody has faced some challenges over the months but he has done really well in his foster home and at his classes, which he will continue going to with his new family. Thank you to everyone who helped Woody get to where he is today, Michelle for initially bringing him to safety, the vet school girls for fostering him first of all, Kathrin for stepping in when he needed somewhere to go and Gillian and family for taking him on the last part of his journey. And of course all those who handled everything behind the scenes, without you this wouldn't have been possible. Flynn is a very special boy and we all wish him the best for the future.
  13. Luath

    This stunning boy has found his forever home! Luath first came to SGS this summer, a big bouncy playful pup who needed a new home through no fault of his own. He's been a very popular boy and there has been a ton of interest in him. After some time in a foster home with Louise and Harry, Luath chose his new family, a couple from Glasgow who fell so in love with him they travelled half way across the country to meet him! He went home with them on Friday and they couldn't be more delighted to have him as part of their family. Special thanks to Louise and Harry for taking this boy in and starting him on his journey to happiness, and to everyone else who helped Luath on his way. Happy new home Luath!
  14. Home Check needed - EH 10

    Thanks Andrina.
  15. Home Check needed - EH 10

    Bump - anyone?