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  1. Good luck everyone, hope it stays dry x
  2. Hi folks, one adult here, no kids or pets. Let us know if you can help. Thanks
  3. 2 adults, no kids or furries. Thank you!
  4. What we’ve done in the past is have the “coordinator” come at the start then go home and come back at the end to take the money we’ve collected, it breaks it up and means no one is there for the whole day. Volunteers do time slots of a few hours each, it’s too much for the dogs (if they bring one) and the humans to be there all day.
  5. One lady here, no pets. Let us know if you can help
  6. Jax


    Another beautiful girl who didn't make it to the homeless page 😁. Posie came into our care just a few weeks ago and spent a short time in kennels before going to a foster home. It just so happened that a couple who recently lost their beloved greyhound applied to adopt around the same time. They were sorely missing their canine companion and were looking for a little girl to fill that space on the couch. As they were experienced greyhound owners we offered them the chance to foster Posie with a view to adopting her if it all worked out. It didn't take long for Posie to work her way in their heart. They officially adopted her just days after she arrived! ❤️ Posie, now to be known as Milli, is loving her new life. We look forward to hearing about her adventures in the future. Thank you as always Michelle for being there when needed, to our volunteers who helped with home checks and transport and to Willie and Liz for taking a chance on Milli and fostering her to begin with.
  7. Another of our Macau dogs who didn't make the homeless page! The quietest of the bunch, this little girl went into a foster home way up North. Her foster family; Louise, Harry, TJ and Milo made her feel right at home and showed her the comforts she had never experienced. In her foster mum's words "Seren's completely transformed from the shyest to an absolute flipping monkey" 😂. Friends Nadine and Barry were already considering adopting a hound when they met Seren. They were smitten with her. Serendipity indeed! Seren is loving her new life, and best of all she still gets to see her foster family 😁. Thank you so much everyone who helped get this girl from Macau to sunny Scotland. Thanks also to Katie, Tricia and the gang, and of course Louise, Harry, TJ and Milo.
  8. Jax


    Seamus didn't make the homeless pages, his foster mums couldn't part with him so he is staying put. He's one lucky pup! This little lurcher was found tied to a tree and was handed in to a local vet. He was in a terrible state, we can only guess what horrors he'd seen... Here's his story
  9. Jax


    Ava never made the homeless page. As soon as her new mum saw her photo she contacted SGS and asked to adopt her, she wasn't even in the country yet! With a family of SGS greyhounds at home we knew this would be the best possible place for Ava to go. Ava was previously known as Noris Zambezi, rescued from the Macau Canidrome with over 500 others, and one of 6 SGS took in. Like all the others she's had quite a journey, but now she can relax, she's going no further. Thank you everyone who helped get this girl out of Macau to her new home in Glasgow . Thank you Maureen for falling in love at first sight ❤️
  10. Home check needed here please, 2 adults, 2 kids and one 5 year old greyhound looking for a pal. Let us know if you can help. Thanks
  11. Jax

    Home check G11

    Thanks but its covered, I forgot to update the thread 😳
  12. Yes sorry it's been done. Thanks for offering
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