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  1. aw , paddy will be in good company then I've done a bank transfer with "paddy" as the reference thank you !!!
  2. Thanks so much !! Gill will pick one , that's great. I'll do a bank transfer just now . Hope everyone enjoying the sun and wrapped up ! Jen
  3. Hi Claire , I'm wondering if you have any left in large for paddy? Any colour will do fine but maybe not too girly if if you have options . We won't make it to the walk on Sunday but if you were going maybe you could give to my sister gill? I can do a transfer now is it £15? Thank you !
  4. Jenflan


    Aww my big nephew and my wee niece all cosied up . Well done Gill and Andy x
  5. Jenflan


    Aww good luck to you Mowgli , hope this is your last stop , be happy xx Gem was a beauty xxx what a lovely girl
  6. Oh yes sorry that's what I meant - I can maybe take her back from Glasgow depending on when it is
  7. When would she need to come home to Glasgow ? I might depending when
  8. Good as new CLIX toilet training bells happy to pay p&p Can't get photo to work - I'll send it to email just now
  9. Jenflan


    Congratulations Lola and her new mum and dad xx
  10. Aww ! Bloody lovely ! Congratulations
  11. Of course , not a problem :)) may paddy please bring a bed for his very important bottom to rest on?
  12. I will be able to manage a slot either day Claire - what are you still needing? X
  13. Jenflan


    Happy new life Dora explorer . It was a pleasure having you here . Be happy with your lovely new mum and dad and your 2 and 4 legged brothers X
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