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  1. On our way in for the two pm shift 😊
  2. Thanks Claire, will be there for 2pm
  3. elleff

    homecheck EH7

    Hi either George or myself could do this next week if you are struck
  4. Hi @ClaireB George and I will come along with Amber, would prefer 2-4pm but can do either
  5. elleff


    Great news, so happy she found a good home.
  6. Hi I can do this if you still need someone?
  7. Hi I can do this if you still need someone?
  8. elleff


    Aw lovely Joe, we really feel in love with him. I'm sure he'll be happy with his lovely new owners 😍😍😍
  9. Hi @ClaireB I can do a slot at this
  10. Hello, we've got 4 people and 2 dogs but no collection buckets @Claire..B
  11. elleff


    Aw lovely news
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