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  1. CosmicClare


    Lovely news! They look so comfy together.
  2. CosmicClare


    She could be Sesame's double in the roaching photo! What a gorgeous lucky girl. Congratulations
  3. I can't commit due to the train being very unreliable on the return leg in winter but can play it by ear and put us down as a 'maybe'. If the weather allows it gets in at 2.30pm.
  4. CosmicClare


    Great news for Kasper
  5. Sorry we can't come but can try and get some things together for the raffle/tombola - where should I send them?
  6. Great photos! Looks like a fab day was had. 😎
  7. I knew You Were Waiting For me - George Michael and Aretha Franklin
  8. Hi really sorry everyone but I'm going to cancel for Saturday, I dont trust the train to get us back with the weather warning etc. Hope it goes well and maybe next time.
  9. The Kyle train doesn't get in till 2.45pm hope thats ok. Fingers crossed it runs (there and back!)
  10. Will there be anyone else doing the 3 till 5pm too or will I be on my own eek! Sesame is looking forward to it, I think we'll be wearing lots of layers
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