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  1. salrosblue

    Homechecks needed EH11

    Monty and I can probably do this one
  2. salrosblue

    Home Check needed - E11- Fostering

    Monty and I could do this one - and possibly the EH9 one depending whereabouts it is
  3. salrosblue

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Great result! well done everyone for braving the cold and snow. Spring collection in Edinburgh?
  4. salrosblue

    Dundee can collection - Total!

  5. salrosblue

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Dundee

    Aww how cosy- well done hope the total is huge
  6. salrosblue

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Edinburgh - CANCELLED

    I can't believe it, not only can I not come to the Christmas show on 3rd but singing in a concert in the afternoon of 25th
  7. salrosblue

    Home Check needed please - EH 4

    Hi Monty and I could do this one if you are still looking for someone.
  8. salrosblue

    Homecheck needed for EH14

    Monty and I could do this.
  9. salrosblue

    SGS Christmas Cards

    Got my calendar and cards. Thanks
  10. salrosblue

    SGS Christmas Cards

    8R319815JL710840R £14
  11. salrosblue

    SGS Christmas Cards

    Hi can I have a calendar and one pack of cards please- just realised I won't be able to come to the Christmas show this year. Will pay via Pay pal Thanks Sally
  12. Happy 4th Gotcha to Mr Moo(aka Monty)

    monty 2017.jpg

  13. salrosblue

    Transport needed - Edinburgh to Errol

    could probably help with this tomorrow evening from Edinburgh to halfway
  14. salrosblue

    SSDR day

    Well done!
  15. salrosblue

    SSDR day

    That sounds good- hope it all goes well

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