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  1. Will help as much as possible but don't live in Edinburgh. Good luck🍀x
  2. Monty and I could probably do this one- unless Andrina beaten us to it again 😃
  3. Just need all rest to close and greys to get forever sofas x
  4. Thank goodness that heavy rain is off today for Edinburgh can collection. Hope we raise lots of money for the hounds. 🐻
  5. Could do this if they keep cat out of the way (Monty scared of them!) Sally
  6. Oh sorry I am singing at a fund raising concert that afternoon with my choir. Will look out donations
  7. If any left can I get two please?
  8. Fantastic. Well done everyone x
  9. That's brilliant especially as there were fringe charity collectors nearby and alot of people don't carry cash!
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