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  1. Lan

    Edinburgh Can Collection

    It was great to meet you all - I loved lugging the cash - the luggier it is the more we've made!
  2. Lan

    SGS Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Great, I'm on my way down, my phone has just died this morning, so hopefully Carlos can smell his greyhound chums and lead me to you all.
  3. Lan

    SGS Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Sorry, I won't be back in town until about 12 so I won't be able to be in town until about 12.30 - where in Princes Street will you be?
  4. Lan

    SGS Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    I could a stint at one on Saturday.
  5. Lan

    SGS Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Fantastic - will be along at 1pm
  6. Lan

    SGS Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Can manage any 1.5 hour slot (sorry the greyhounds are getting old and can't handle anymore) between 1.30pm to 4.
  7. Lan

    Edinburgh Festival Can Collection

    Carlos, Maisie and I are free Slot in afternoon please.
  8. Lan


    I miss his silly face at the window, Grant and I will certainly always remember him and not just because he locked us out of the house and turned our rug green! But because he's so lovable. Might be getting the new owners to join canicross so hopefully this won't be the last I see of him. Our time fostering him was teeny in the scheme of things, but its given us even more appreciation of the work and the emotions going into fostering. All you fosterers are amazing! We've got a third dog now, so won't be able to help much but its one of my aims that when I'm not a full time worker anymore to be a fosterer. All the best with your wonderful new life handsomexxx
  9. Lan

    PAH Livingston 26th April

    That's a shame, I love doing some baking and some can shaking, but I'm away that weekend - best of luck and have a great day.
  10. Lan

    Arrow has gone.

    Oh no - I saw this on Facebook and I was hoping it wasn't 'the Arrow' I hope today brings good news - will be thinking of you and Arrowx
  11. It was lovely seeing everybody and all the dogs and I got to see Fonzie again! It was really nice to chat to people and hear tales of their own dogs . Sorry I couldn't stay longer, Carlos isn't the best at standing still.
  12. Going to have to schedule a trip to pets at home then for some suitable Christmas attire and scrounge for some tinsel from my coworkers! The last two years I've completely failed to be festive at the can collection, not going to make it three years a row. Carlos thinks I should buy a cravate to go with his smoking jacket but I've had to inform him that that's just not festive enough and not what we mean by dressing up.
  13. I can be back up as well since I'm in Edinburgh - sorry just spotted this
  14. Lan


    Hope she's okay this lunch, the few weeks are hard in cases like these, I remember somebody once left their laptop webcam on while they were away to monitor progress - maybe that's an idea?
  15. Lan


    Gypsy with your past you are probably thinking this fantastic home is too good to last. But this is definitely the one. No more moving for you, the best years of your life start here. Can't wait to meet you.x

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