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    Married to Tommy and our first fur baby was our beloved Rocky who worked hard on our training for 6 years before crossing over rainbow bridge.
    Now gorgeous Kerr has joined our family and we are doing our best to be a good Mum and Dad.

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  1. Irene lally

    Sparkie Spartacus

    Congratulations Sparkie, enjoy life from now πŸ€—.
  2. Irene lally

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Glasgow

    Sorry, coming back from holiday that day so I doubt we will manage with Kerr.
  3. Irene lally


    Brilliant news Kaspar. Be happy forever. 😊
  4. Irene lally


    Wonderful news Tags. Sounds like a special boy who has the home he deserves at last πŸ€—πŸ€—
  5. Irene lally


    Wonderful news for beautiful Aria. Safe and loved at last ❀️.
  6. Irene lally


    Wonderful news for Glen . Sad that he has had such a long wait but safe home at last.
  7. Irene lally


    That's lovely, what a beautiful girl. Congratulations Ava
  8. Irene lally


    Congratulations to Izzy and your lucky new Dad πŸ€—
  9. Irene lally


    Well done Fionn ( a cool name). Having met you I know how huge and gorgeous you are ❀️. Well done George and Lynsey again. Kerr sends his love too.
  10. Irene lally

    Kasper's weekend trial going great

    That's wonderful news for Kaspar , a great family to love him.
  11. Irene lally


    She is soooooo cute❀️. Be happy and safe baby girl.
  12. Irene lally


    Congratulations Storm.Enjoy life with your new family πŸ€—
  13. Irene lally


    Sounds as though you really deserve that happy ending Breeze. Have a wonderful life πŸ€—
  14. Irene lally

    Tina & Paddy

    What wonderful news .Congratulations to Tina, Paddy and your new family πŸ€—
  15. Irene lally


    Congratulations Indy. Be happy forever πŸ€—.

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