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  1. bigburnsey

    Home check needed for KA2

    Has this been done, if not send me the details. Ken
  2. bigburnsey

    Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Should be able to do this, can you send details. Ken.
  3. bigburnsey

    Homecheck needed for KA23

    Send us the details, will sort something out.
  4. Guess we're favourite for this one Suzanne, send details & we'll get it done soonest.  Ken

    1. Reggie


      Thank you. PM you details.

  5. bigburnsey

    Christmas ? can ? collection - Totals

    Amazing totals thanks to all those who gave their time to make this happen.
  6. bigburnsey

    Homecheck needed for KA25

    Send the details & we'll fit it in.
  7. Huge thanks to Fiona & Martin for their journey across in the wee small hours. Bryn is a beautiful boy in good condition, pretty powerful on the lead! Caused quite a stir in the control room when he walked in, got quite a fuss made of him which he took in his stride. Has met the pack with no fuss. Toilet training begins!
  8. bigburnsey


    Dancer was a brilliant patient throughout his recovery. He had to visit the vet every 3 days for bandage change & always walked in wagging his tail even tho' that went on for months. He never got grumpy, he was always the same friendly, happy boy. We miss him but are delighted that he has gone to a great home. Dancer & his new dad
  9. bigburnsey

    Home check needed for KA2

    We'll take this, send us the details. Ken
  10. bigburnsey

    Winning Bidders and Totals

    Payment via paypal Confirmation number: 9GW89921X0537430V.

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