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  1. Gabe

    great news. Thanks to Babs and the girls for showing him the way.
  2. Rumble

    Bramble you stole a piece of my heart when you arrived but I know you've found a fantastic new home and have a gorgeous brother to cuddle up to. Be happy gorgeous girl.
  3. Sooty

    Fantastic news for this gorgeous wee girl You so deserve this new life, be happy sweetheart.
  4. SGS 2018 Calendar and Christmas Cards

    Can you keep me a calendar please Claire.
  5. Glen

    Be happy handsome, you deserved this after waiting so long. Thanks to Emma & Stephen for taking this boy in when he needed someone.
  6. Taggart

    So happy for this big guy he has a lovely new mum and dad who've promised to keep in touch with pics etc. The house feels weird without him but he so deserves this great home. Be happy big fella.
  7. Izzy

    Another gorgeous girl found her forever home Thanks to Michelle for initially looking after her and to Ruth and family for fostering her and showing her the way.
  8. Ava

    Welcome to the FF club Emma. No more moving around for you gorgeous Ava
  9. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    Lovely to hear he's doing great so far . Thank you for giving him a chance he's waited so long for the right home to come along. Your princess Boo will be proud of you x
  10. Suz think you mean October
  11. Breeze

    Great news for Breeze Welcome to the FF club guys
  12. Tina & Paddy

    These 2 now have a fantastic life ahead of them, their new mum and dad are lovely. We loved having them here for a weekend and totally fell in love with them, such a lovely pair. Where one went the other went too, was so lovely to see the bond between them. Have a great new life, hopefully we'll see you's again.
  13. SSDR day

    Thanks everyone for coming along and huge thanks again to Caitlin for doing the facepainting which we were told to keep the money for We made £53.30 altogether.
  14. SSDR day

    Huge thanks to Caitlin for stepping in to do facepainting for them.
  15. SSDR day

    SGS have been invited to have a stall at the Saint Sled Dog Reacues fun day this year. The event is being held this Saturday 26th August, 12-5pm at Safe Paws 20 Whitehouse Road Stirling FK7 7SS Myself, Andrina and Elle will be there with Roxy and Jojo. It would be great to have more dogs there especially if you have a foster dog as there will be a homeless dog parade.