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  1. SusanR


    Be happy gorgeous girl ❤️
  2. SusanR


    Great news for Berry. Welcome to the FF club Roseanne and family, it’s the best club ever
  3. SusanR


    Have the life you really deserve in your retirement and please no more wanders.
  4. SusanR


    Be happy gorgeous girl ❤️
  5. Andrina can do this one 👍
  6. SusanR


    Such great news for this special boy. There was lots of happy tears on the team when Janice and Stewart said he wasn’t moving on Jasper what can I say you have found the best home you could have dreamt of (do you think they would adopt me too? 😂)
  7. SusanR


    Great news for this gorgeous wee boy. Welcome to the FF club Chantel it’s the best club ever
  8. SusanR


    Fantastic news for this gorgeous boy. I had the pleasure of meeting him at The Dog Lovers Show ❤️❤️ Huge thanks to Michell at the kennels and to Kevin for fostering him.
  9. SusanR


    Fantastic news for this handsome boy So happy he’s found the perfect home where he is certainly being spoilt, just the way it should be. Thanks Michelle for looking after him until we could get him up here.
  10. We’ve now got the boys as far as Edinburgh 👍
  11. We have 2 gorgeous boys needing to come up from kennels on Sunday. They need picked up in Berwick at around 9.45/10 am and one taken to Edinburgh and the other is needing to go up to Aberdeen. Even if we can only help with part of the journey would be a massive help Fuel money can be paid If anyone can help please post below or send me a PM.
  12. SusanR


    We have someone willing to do Montrose to Aberdeen if anyone can do Kennoway to Montrose?
  13. SusanR


    We have the lovely Yankee coming up from the kennels this weekend. We need to get him from Kennoway, Fife, KY8 up to Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 on Monday. If anyone can help can you please post below or PM me please.
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