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  1. lisah


    wonderful news xxx
  2. lisah


    As his new mum I would also like to say a HUGE thanks Diane, Davy and Family for helping this wonderful wee man become the dog he is now. Age does not matter to me - da pwincess was the same age when I adopted her :-) I will keep you updated xx
  3. lisah


    FANTASTIC news - very very happy to see this xxx
  4. Well, even though it is so soon after losing princess Boo, Harvey and I have made space in our hearts and sofa for Kasper. Harvey needed a friend for when I am out at work and it's been a hard journey for me, especially trying to find that elusive cat friendly hound. We saw Kasper in the homeless section and decided to go meet him and his wonderful lovely fostermum Diane. All went well so he is now with me for a 'sleepover' weekend trial. So far so good - less than 24 hours and he and Harvey are sharing the sofa. Wilbur the cat has quite firmly told Kasper who rules the household and sniffing his bum is NOT an option and VERY rude lol I thought it was too soon for another dog, I thought I would never be ready and then this gorgeous wee bundle of loveliness entered our lives. Diane, I don't think he's moving anywhere, he's got his forever sofa right here. However, I will stick to my word and continue the 'trial' until Sunday lol I know how much you and your family love this wee guy, and what you have done to transform him from a shut down, sad wee man into a happy, loving and trusting boy. I will keep him safe, warm and loved for the rest of his days and we will meet up for walks I promise xx Thank you SGS - you guys brought my beautiful princess into mine and Harvey's lives just when we needed her, and now you have done the same with Kasper. He's a wonderful wee man and he's a keeper xxxx My princess will be so happy that another hound has his forever home in her memory xx
  5. Harvey and I had a lovely time with our fellow Collectors and hounds. I baked in my Fox onesie but it was worth it. Harvey and I both totally shattered now. So glad I did not take princess Boo as it would have been too much for her Lisa
  6. Hi Sorry I have not been onine for ages. Harvey, Boo and I will be coming, donation already done. I will also most likely be bringing Liz, Timbo and Chance :-) I am a veggie but I HATE goat's cheese lol (everyone seems to think all veggies must love it as its in just about everything vegeterian). See you all on Saturday.
  7. lisah


    How wondereful - she really caught my heart and I am delighted she has her forever humans now. Another HUGE thanks to SGS for giving Della her chance yahoooooooxxxxx
  8. Hi all For future, I can do home checks in that kind of area too :-) Hope it goes well Debbs - another forever home waiting in the wings xxxxx
  9. lisah


    YAY - great news xxxxxxxx
  10. Don't think I will be able to make this - all depends on what is happening with Boo. Have a fabby time though xxxxxxxx
  11. I've never been so cold as today, nor more proud of the fellow collectors and the stars if the day - the hounds. Everyone made such an effort. I had to wake Harvey up to get off the train and he's not moved from the sofa all night bless him. The thing I noticed more than anything else was the generosity of those who looked least able to afford it xxxx
  12. Hi guys - BRILLIANT effort today. I work in Edinburgh and it has not been very nice. You and hounds can tuck up nice and warm tonight and tomorrow and think of us getting much of the same - but it is all worth it :-) Hugs to you and the hounds for today - I was going to try and pop up to say hi but ran out of time. LisaH xxxx
  13. ooooh - can you also bring a calendar and 4 packs of gift tags
  14. Hi Cali If I can get my neighbour to bring the horses in for me on Sat eve then Harvey and I will stay will you until the bitter end on Sat Boo staying in day care with ''uncle Martin'' as she doesn't do rain and crowds - Harvey is mega excited althugh he has eaten his antlers and santa hat I have PM'd you - can you bring 2 packs of cards for me please?? Thanks
  15. Hi Can you possibly move me to the 2pm slot on Saturday. That still leaves 3 collectors for the first slot. Boo staying with Auntie Jane at Let The Dogs Out as I think it will all be too much for her bless her, so I need time in the morning to do 5 horses and then drop Boo off at Port Seton and then get into Edinburgh - Im not sure if I am going to drive or get the train. I hope this is OK Lisa xx
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