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  1. Janice12


    Lovely Percy 💖 New name for your new fun filled life. It was great meeting you when you came for a playdate with Clyde. Thank you everyone who has helped him on his journey. Hope you don't miss him too much Diane.
  2. Janice12


    Well done Millie, you have bagged yourself a 5* home, happy days and adventures for your twilight years 💖
  3. Janice12


    Happy days Pearl, with your new family. Your new brother will love having a sister
  4. Janice12


    Lovely to see him looking so happy. Well done for persevering with his initial settling in period. It is worth while
  5. Janice12


    Great news for Clyde and his lucky family
  6. Janice12


    Happy days Roman with your lovely new family
  7. Janice12


    Happy days Dash , have a blast 💖
  8. Janice12


    Best club to join, the FF club. Have a fantastic time with your new family Paddy. Thank you to everyone who helped him on his way
  9. Janice12

    Melia update

    Lovely to see her having fun.
  10. Janice12


    Handsome Henry have a fabulous life
  11. Janice12


    Looks liked she has settled in well, happy days Melia
  12. Janice12

    Arya formerly Sooty

    What a fantastic update, Arya looks like she is having a wonderful time, thank you for being so patient with her. We did your HC, remember Lola
  13. Janice12


    Took you long enough Ellen, we all knew it was going to happen from the first pics What a lucky girl Lottie is
  14. Janice12


    Lovely Poppy, you are a going to have a great time in your new home with your handsome brother Thank you everyone who helped her along the road to her forever home
  15. Janice12


    Fantastic news for Sasha, a home with her own personal stroker Thank you to Ania who looked after her so well until her home came along

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