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  1. Janice12


    Lucky Jessie, have a great life
  2. Janice12


    Lucky Buster, he seems to have found what he was searching for Have a happy life gorgeous boy.
  3. Janice12

    Home check G72

    Home check needed for 1 adult and 1child, please pm me for details. Thank you
  4. Janice12

    Walking out coats

    @Lorri @ClaireB everything arrived today, Tootsie all togged out, thank you.
  5. Janice12

    Walking out coats

    Thank you
  6. Janice12

    Walking out coats

    @ClaireB were you able to check colours for the coats? Tootsie's neck measures 14.5 inches.
  7. Janice12

    Walking out coats

    I got the 30 for Storm, and it is just a little neat, so I will have to find something for him elsewhere. What colours do you have in 26, it is for Tootsie. She could do with a slip collar too, but she has a tiny neck so not sure if we have anything small enough.
  8. Janice12

    Walking out coats

    @ClaireB Is 30" the largest size coat we provide?
  9. Janice12


    Happy days with lots of spoiling, lucky girl Beth 💖
  10. Janice12


    @Tracey Thank you for the kind offer. This is certainly a possibility
  11. Janice12

    Home check needed for EH6

    Sorted thank you.
  12. Janice12

    Home check needed for EH6

  13. Janice12

    Drumbo Park Greyhound Track to close!

    Good news, but hope the dogs are safe 😔.
  14. Janice12

    Home check needed for EH6

    Flat, no children or pets. Please pm me if you can help, thank you
  15. Janice12

    Music suggestions please

    End of the line,Travelling Wilburys, With a little help from my friends, Joe Cocker I got my mind set on you, George Harrison Make me smile Steve Harley

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