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      Christmas Can Collections   10/23/2017

      ts that time of year again! We are getting volunteers organised for our Christmas Can Collections, taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness so hopefully there should one near you! The dates are as follows; Glasgow - 25th November / Dundee - 26th November / Inverness 25th November / Edinburgh - TBC See the SGS events section for more info on each one. I


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  1. May

    Lucky Maisie, a lovely new home and so quickly too. Thank you Michelle and Emma for helping Maisie on her way .
  2. Morag

    Welcome to the FF club, we just knew you would become members when we met in Dalwhinnie to hand her over as a "foster"
  3. SGS Christmas Can collections - Dundee

    Sorry not able to make it, working all that weekend, typical!
  4. HC needed Dundee - DD4

    This one is done
  5. Muzzles

    @ClaireB thank you, 1st class, no pink!
  6. Transport needed - Edinburgh to Errol

    We could meet someone part way, this evening or tomorrow daytime, and take to Errol
  7. Muzzles

    Can I have 3 muzzles please, and can you give a total price for me to pay, thank you
  8. SGS Edinburgh Festival can collection

    Well done, always good to get enquiries.
  9. Robbie

    Have a lovely life in your new home Jimmy, and thank you to the team of people who helped you on your way
  10. Dogs Day Out, Glamis, 30/07/17

    That would be great, thank you Lianne. Give Izzy a hug from us xx
  11. Dogs Day Out, Glamis, 30/07/17

  12. Dogs Day Out, Glamis, 30/07/17

    We have been invited to have a stall at Glamis again this year. This is a lovely event in a beautiful situation with loads of things going on. I am hoping to put up a display featuring adopted dogs and what they mean to you. I would really appreciate it if anyone could send a photo and a brief resume about your dog/dogs. Thank you It would also be lovely to see some SGS dogs up there, promoting the cause
  13. Jet

  14. Phoenix

    Happy days Phoenix, a perfect name for a special boy
  15. Transport from Perth to south Glasgow ish

    At the moment it does look like Saturday, sorry