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  1. Janice12

    Home check needed for EH6

    Thank you Andrina, I have sent you a pm with details.
  2. Janice12

    Home check needed for EH6

    Can anyone help here?
  3. Janice12

    Home check needed for EH6

    Home check needed, 2 adults, no children or pets. Please PM me for details
  4. Janice12

    Robin's October adventures in Moray

    Love this boy, he is having so much fun
  5. Janice12

    Fostering home check G13

    Thank you, this is sorted
  6. Janice12

    Fostering home check G13

    Home check for couple wanting to foster. Flat, no children or animals. Please pm myself or one of the team if you can help out.
  7. Janice12


    A wonderful result for Millie, and a big thank you to Jaclyn for so unselfishly thinking of what was best for Millie at this time.
  8. Janice12

    Christmas Can Collection - Dundee

    If I am not working I can be pretty flexible time wise
  9. Janice12

    Home check needed for G40

    Home check needed G40, no pets or children, 2/3 adults. If you can help, please get in touch
  10. Janice12

    Summer can collection - Dundee

    It was posted somewhere, but cannot find it! The total was around £142, which was an amazing amount for just 2hrs. Sadly a few volunteers had to drop out last minute.
  11. Janice12


    Have a lovely life handsome 💖
  12. Janice12


    Glad you are having so much fun Loki, keep an eye on that cat, it might want to share your bed one day 😉
  13. Janice12


    Lovely that Neville has a home with a brother, just what he needed
  14. Janice12


    Gorgeous Harry have a lovely time with Neville and your humans
  15. Janice12


    Enjoy your new life Loki, you were a fabulous foster boy 💖

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