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  1. Home Check needed - EH 10

    We can do this Andrina and Roxy
  2. SGS 2018 Calendar and Christmas Cards

    Can I have 3 Calendars and 3 packs cards, please I will pick them up at the Christmas show, wherever and whenever it is/ Thank you Andrina
  3. Home check needed please EH49

  4. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    It seems there are happy hearts in your home, ready to accept another wee bundle of fun. Be a good boy for your new mum Kasper. Hugs from Roxy and me Andrina
  5. Transport needed - Friday evening

    Ok Katie let me know Andrina
  6. Transport needed - Friday evening

    Katie I can do this, say from Whitburn to Halbeath, could be at whitburn about 7pm, if that would help. Andrina
  7. I could meet Amanda at Harthill, if it helps Andrina
  8. Home check needed EH5

    Roxy and I could do it Andrina
  9. SGS Edinburgh Festival can collection

    Well done the greyt can collectors. A lot of money Andrina and Roxy
  10. Gorgeous Mabel

    That was just a beautiful welcome, I am in tears, Flash is lovely and a big brother for Mabel, she was waiting for him and her new family. Be happy wee darling Andrina and Roxy
  11. Homecheck needed for EH11

    We can do it Andrina and Roxy
  12. I can do it Suzanne. unless you have it covered Andrina
  13. Homecheck needed - EH14

    We can do this one Claire Andrina and Roxy
  14. Transport needed - Gorebridge to Dunfermline

    Katie I could do before 1pm. How would 10am do. I have Rosie and Jess overnight and have time to go out with them. They will be safe at home, it's been too hot today so they can relax while I do the run Andrina
  15. Transport needed - Gorebridge to Dunfermline

    What time do you need this done Andrina