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  1. Lees

    Home check needed for EH6

    Janice Roxy and I could do this one Andrina
  2. Lees

    Homecheck needed for EH47

    Emma, Roxy and I could do this, Andrina
  3. Lees

    Home check required EH3

    Roxy and I can do this if its not been covered Andrina
  4. Lees

    Homecheck needed EH9

    Roxy and I could do this, unless its been done Andrina and Roxy
  5. Lees

    Homecheck needed EH6

    Lorraine, Roxy and I could do this one. Andrina
  6. Lees

    Homecheck needed for EH16

    Emma We can do it Andrina and Roxy
  7. Lees

    Guvma Rodeo 2018

    I will be there Jax with Roxy and will bring Marmalade!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrina
  8. Lees

    Homecheck needed EH47

    Hi Lorri We can do this one Andrina and Roxy
  9. Lees

    Arya formerly Sooty

    Need to have strong arms when the load is heavier than a Chihuahua haha, I know Roxy is 31 Kgs Andrina
  10. Lees

    Arya formerly Sooty

    Congratulations Arya and your new forever home. Just a pretty girl, dont know about getting carried home, wee besom. Hugs from Roxy and her mum Andrina
  11. Lees


    Jings Ellen, how could you fail at the first foster, she is a lucky wee girl to have a special forever home. Hugs from Andrina and Roxy
  12. Lees


    So Sorry you lost your lovely girl. Run free at the bridge Sprite, no more pain. Hugs to you Tracey Andrina and Roxy
  13. Lees


    Good wishes for your new family pretty girl, you have landed on 4 happy feet. Happy to have met you Hugs from Andrina and Roxy
  14. Lees

    SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Stay safe everbody 2 legs and 4. Christmas weather has come early, need the jammies, Andrina and Roxy
  15. Lees

    Home Check needed - EH 10

    We can do this Andrina and Roxy

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