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    homecheck EH7

    Can anyone help here ? no dogs or kids .....
  3. Lorri


    Great news - lucky lovely lily
  4. Lorri

    Fleece Coats

    These SGS fleece coats are made in Scotland for SGS. They have velcro fastenings to secure them, in black, navy, red or blue. These come in 4 sizes small, medium, large and X large. This measurement is taken along the back of the coat starting from the neck area the base of the coat at the tail end. Hope that makes sense! Please ask for SIZES and COLOURS Currently AVAILABLE in either style These are very reasonably priced at £12, plus £2.90 p and p or if you would prefer 1st class delivery please pay £3.40 p and p instead or of course if you ordering more than 1 thing it will likely be no extra. If you wish to purchase any of these for those chilly nights or walks please pm SGSAdmin or email ScottishGreyhoundSanctuary@googlemail.com Please include details of your name, address and reference number confirmation of payment details
  5. Lorri

    SGS Christmas Special offers!

    Don’t think there’s a small left in tshirts but there’s sweatshirts.... @ClaireB can you check pls
  6. Lorri

    homecheck EH7

    Anyone help here ?
  7. Lorri


    Fantastic- love a ff. lucky wee ziggy.
  8. Lorri

    homecheck needed EH22

    Sorted thanks
  9. Lorri

    homecheck needed EH22

    Anyone help here please? 3 smaller people but no other pets. Cheers
  10. Lorri

    homecheck needed EH22

    Anyone nearby here over the weekend ?
  11. Lorri

    SGS Christmas Special offers!

    cheers will do
  12. Lorri

    Fleece Coats

    @ClaireB can you check this afternoon pls? Cheers
  13. Lorri

    SGS Christmas Special offers!

    Great we shall get hat sorted for you
  14. Lorri

    Homecheck needed AB43

    Bumpity Bump
  15. Lorri

    Homecheck needed AB43

    Could anyone help here please? No dogs/cats etc in this house😀
  16. Lorri

    SGS Christmas Special offers!

    And sadly when they are gone they are gone!!
  17. Lorri

    Homecheck needed TD 9

    Aplogies Kaz this has been sorted out and I forgot to close off this thread. Cheers
  18. Lorri

    Home check required - AB42

    sorted thanks
  19. Lorri

    Fostering Home Check - G20

    Sorted thanks
  20. Lorri

    Home check required - EH9

    Bumpity bump
  21. Lorri

    Home check required - AB42

    bumpity bump......
  22. Lorri


    thats a big family!! well done gorgeous girlie!
  23. Lorri


    What a series of events there has been with this lovely girl !! good luck Millie
  24. Lorri

    10th Anniversary T-shirts

    Nice choice 👍 @ClaireB

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