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  1. No other pets, one adult in the house can anyone help here please?
  2. Anyone help here please? no other pets , only 1 adult in the house
  3. Lorri


    Congratulations Angus topnotch 🏠- nice toys too
  4. Anyone help here please? No other pets but some littler humans about.
  5. Anyone help here please? there are younger people and 2 cats and a younger lurcher girl ! I'm sure cats could be made safe for HC though!
  6. Anyone help here please? Other pets or people and would love a dog to visit too at homecheck
  7. anybody help here folks ?
  8. cheers Im pm'ing you.
  9. Hope someone can help here asap. Theres plenty other hounds in this house, no kids though
  10. Anyon shlep here please. Its a flat, one person and no other pets.
  11. Lorri


    Yay - lovely to meet this gorgeous girl lady week:-)
  12. This is a flat, 1 flight up and there are no other pets or little ones at home. Anyone help here please.
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