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  1. apologies for the delay in replying the coat , nice blue one was posted today thank you for ordering it and for buying a coat for a homeless hound too just in time for winter 😕 thanks again
  2. We have a few of these left over folks in black and brown and in a variety of sizes and embossed details......which have now been reduced to £12.00 plus p and p. 🤗 They are absolutely smashing collars , very thick and perfect for the hounds necks, hard wearing yet comfortable .......... If anyone interested please get in touch here or PM lorri or claireb
  3. apologies Alva absolutely I am partial to a big lurcher who can sit and paw too!
  4. fantastic total and hopefully getting the word out about how fab the greys are! so many people maybe even just you and get them thinking too!
  5. sorry checking right now
  6. @Karen Troup Hi Karen I've asked to see this and ive moved your address too:_) claire will back to you shortly cheers
  7. Lorri


    Nah never!! That’s completely sane behaviour for hound parents!
  8. Lorri


    ps love the insta page - first time I've looked on there. smashing
  9. Lorri


    oh my that's leaving his mark right enough! Classic 🤣
  10. Lorri


    amazing lovely wee girly love the name too
  11. Lorri


    Yay she looks lovely and so lucky to have a wee furry pal too. WTG sgs thats a lot of success stories
  12. Lorri


    Way to go Billy Boy , happy days
  13. Lorri


    Yippee what a great success tory for this big guy, love a black hound!
  14. Fantastic to all invloed and fingers crossed even more people will be in love with the hounds!
  15. No other pets, one adult in the house can anyone help here please?
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