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  1. Lorri

    Melia update

    6 months ! Time flies and obs for Melia when she is having fun! Great action shots ...... I’d love to see one of them on the sgs calendar πŸ“† 2019.
  2. Lorri


    Great news indeed- he’s a stunning boy in every way and he so deserves this great home. Well done to all who helped him
  3. Lorri

    SGS Summer Picnic - Chatelherault Country Park

    Was fab last year, fingers crossed for this one ☝️
  4. Lorri


    Another hound safe and home !! Yippee
  5. Lorri


    What a face so cute - happy new life Finn
  6. Lorri


    Yay lucky Neville a new home and a new brother !
  7. Lorri

    Couple of volunteers needed

    Yay - fantastic
  8. Lorri

    Homecheck needed - TD5

    sorted thanks folks
  9. Lorri


    Great news Finn - happy new life 😍
  10. Lorri


    Love that name "Nev" - good luck boy
  11. Lorri


    lovely to hear from Loki, a month already indeed - time flies when you are having fun right enough! Glad you are enjoying life as a pet, and loving all the petting you are getting!
  12. Lorri

    10th Anniversary Bags

    Just a wee reminder some bags left, surprisingly πŸ™€
  13. Lorri

    10th Anniversary T-shirts

    Bumpity Bump. Just a wee reminder still a few leftπŸ‘
  14. Lorri

    Homecheck EH11

    i shall PM you and you could maybe have a look? cheers
  15. Lorri

    Homecheck needed - TD5

    Anyone nearby the border area? If you can help - please let us know

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