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  1. Lorri


    Great news for this gorgeous girly!
  2. Lorri


    This is great - so happy for this little one !! Yippee Pearl your boat has landed 😍
  3. Lorri

    Homecheck needed EH6

    Anyone help please - it's a flat but it has a lift 🐶 cheers
  4. Lorri


    So happy for this big puppy dude - Love the new name Big Percy!
  5. Lorri

    Home Check needed please -- ML 1

    thanks Kaz have PM'd you
  6. Lorri


    That’s wonderful news for big lovely Robin! He’s a cracker of a dog! Happy days robin enjoy your walks.
  7. Lorri


    Happy days Paddy boy😁. I was lucky enough to meet this big guy and he is just such a happy friendly big guy, who has well and truly landed on all 4 paws with his failed foster home and is now home and learning to be a loved dog.
  8. Lorri


    Another Monday success story - its helping to make Monday makable hearing how lucky another lovely greyhound girl is this time :-)) Enjoy every minute Tilly.
  9. Lorri


    Yeh another failed fosterer !! And love Simba, sadly never met him but I think he is like Fonzie Boy!! Well done Simba enjoy!
  10. Lorri

    Home check needed KY11 area

    Anyone help here = Dunfermline area is nice this time of year!
  11. Lorri

    Homecheck needed EH7

    sorted thanks
  12. Lorri

    Homecheck needed EH7

    Anyone help here please? no other pets or small people ...... Cheers
  13. Lorri

    Homecheck needed KA3

    Anyone help here please ? Cheers
  14. Lorri

    Walking out coats

    Great - that's the coat away with Gill and I hope Paddy loves it , it's the same as Fonzie one!

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