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      Christmas Can Collections   10/23/2017

      ts that time of year again! We are getting volunteers organised for our Christmas Can Collections, taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness so hopefully there should one near you! The dates are as follows; Glasgow - 25th November / Dundee - 26th November / Inverness 25th November / Edinburgh - TBC See the SGS events section for more info on each one. I


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  1. Suzie

    Yay - happy new home
  2. Home needed EH21

    Anyone help here please? There's another houndie at home already. Thanks
  3. Anyone help here please? there are older kids and 2 cats btw..... but I'm sure cats could be "secured" for the visitation.
  4. Homecheck needed for EH32

    bumpity bump
  5. Ava

    YIPPPEE another successful failure - failed fostering it's the best happy new life gorgeous wee Ava
  6. Home check needed please G51

    Anyone help here please ?
  7. home check needed EH17

    bumpity bump
  8. Homecheck needed ML3

    Anyone in or near Motherwell can help here please - no other pets btw, thanks
  9. Glen

    OMG poor dog waiting 3 years after his use in the racing industry before he got his couch, what a shame but on a totally happier note how lucky is he now Congratulations Glen happy forever home and sofa
  10. Peggy

    Great news for this gorgeous puppy girl
  11. Homecheck needed for G44

    sorted here - thanks
  12. Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Can anyone help with transporting a wee girl from Irvine (KA12) to Aytrons vets in East Whitburn (EH47) on Tuesday 3.10.17 and back home again at night please. She would need to be there approx 8.30 am ......... Please let me know if you can help at all....... Many thanks in advance
  13. home check needed EH17

    Anyone help here please ? no other pets btw
  14. Muzzles

    the muzzles are £5 each and £1.50 postage or £2 for first class as yours are:=))
  15. Tina & Paddy

    great news indeed