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  1. Hope someone can help here asap. Theres plenty other hounds in this house, no kids though
  2. Anyon shlep here please. Its a flat, one person and no other pets.
  3. Lorri


    Yay - lovely to meet this gorgeous girl lady week:-)
  4. This is a flat, 1 flight up and there are no other pets or little ones at home. Anyone help here please.
  5. Anyone help here please? No other pets or little ones in this house. cheers
  6. Anyone help here please?
  7. of course In post today :-))
  8. the smallest we have is a lovely purple with purple fleece/fur interior. There are 2 in a little larger but still extra small in black with red trim (cream inside) and red with black trim (black inside) they are from different makers so not exactly same sizes. let me know or call me on 07568 107 988 if that helps :_)
  9. Anyone help here please ? no other pets at home but kids who are older .... cheers
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