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  1. Peggy

    Great news for this gorgeous puppy girl
  2. Homecheck needed for G44

    sorted here - thanks
  3. Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Can anyone help with transporting a wee girl from Irvine (KA12) to Aytrons vets in East Whitburn (EH47) on Tuesday 3.10.17 and back home again at night please. She would need to be there approx 8.30 am ......... Please let me know if you can help at all....... Many thanks in advance
  4. home check needed EH17

    Anyone help here please ? no other pets btw
  5. Muzzles

    the muzzles are £5 each and £1.50 postage or £2 for first class as yours are:=))
  6. Tina & Paddy

    great news indeed
  7. Homecheck needed for G44

    Bumpity Bump! anyone help here ?
  8. Home check needed AB43

    Can anybody help here please ?
  9. SGS Summer Picnic - Chatelherault Country Park

    Def don't want the hooligan trying it whilst in the car!!
  10. Hi it's Ann Roberts mum of Benny .Can you call when you get the chance please.Thanks 

    1. Lorri


      Will have Claire call you this morning, as I'm at work. She will call soon as she is just out with the dogs.

  11. SSDR day

    oh thats so kind of them - :-))
  12. SSDR day

    indeed Hope you all had a good day
  13. Home check needed EH5

    thanks will pm you
  14. Home check needed EH5

    Anyone help here please ?
  15. Rain Macs

    Hi Sandra claire will pop on ltr for the sizing question and to update the pictures which have disappeared !! but as for lined or unlined heres my thoughts : lined are very nice looking, fab patterns, very stylish, excellent at keeping water off your hound, a kind of half way between cold weather and hot coat, fold small but not as small as unlined unlined fold up super small -pocket sized ..... more functional looking but also excellent at keeping water of your hound , def just for keeping rain off not going to help much with the cold..... hope that helps