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  1. Homecheck needed G41

    Bumpity BVump
  2. Homecheck needed G41

    Anyone help here please ? Its in a flat 2 up , no other furries or little ones. Cheers
  3. Lottie

    She's a beaut, I hope we get lots of pics of her
  4. Home check needed PA16

    Sorted- thanks
  5. Walking out coats

    hi Gilly Ferguson theres a nice burgundy , a pink but not a baby pink and a blue and a purple ...... what colour muzzle also ? @Gilly Ferguson
  6. Home Check needed EH 41

    cheers - I have pm'd you
  7. Home Check needed EH 41

    bumpity bump.......
  8. Home Check Needed - TD1

    Bumpity Bump.......
  9. Tiger

    That just brilliant news for this big guy he so deserves it Well done!!
  10. Homecheck needed EH6

    GReat - thanks
  11. Homecheck needed EH6

    Anyone able to help here please ? no tother kids or pets......
  12. Homecheck needed KA4

    Anyone help here please ? No other animals or very young kids ......
  13. Home check needed please - EH16

    sorted thanks
  14. Anyone help here please, no other pets at home ...... let me know