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  1. Allan M

    SGS @ Dogs Trust Open day

    Ok thanks
  2. Allan M

    SGS @ Dogs Trust Open day

    do you need my tables? I will be there probably with Hol & Lil
  3. Allan M

    2013 Dates for Your Diary:

    Do you need the my tables for Dogs Trust on 1st September at West Lothian College Livingston. This will be the first event I can make this year. Allan
  4. Allan M

    SGS Summer BBQ - August 11th 2013

    sorry can't make this, this year, we are away on holiday
  5. Allan M

    Attempts to steal dogs in Edinburgh, Midlothian areas

    Still not convinced about this - have trawled all the news sites - lothian police and the various dog warden pages on the council sites. If this was true it would surely be prominent on one of these sites and there is no mention at all. I wish people would do a bit of research before posting things like this - if it is true by all means post but if there is no backup to the story it just alarms people unnecessarily. In my pre-retirement life I specialised in online research to check facts so I do try to search whenever I see anything like this.
  6. Allan M

    SGS Summer BBQ 12th August 2012

    We will be there two tkts bought on Paypal - 92E07292DT2944427 - one for a veggie. Maybe Summer will arrive in August.
  7. Allan M

    SGS Easter Show - 1st April 2012

    Train times on Sunday 1st April from Edinburgh Waverley to Livingston North - takes 20 minutes 09:37 10:40 11:40 12:10 Return to Waverley from Livingston at 14:08 14:38 15:08 15:38
  8. Allan M

    SGS Easter Show - 1st April 2012

    Ok here is an attempt at how to get from Livingston North Railway station to the SGS Easter Show at Fells Rigg First make sure you get the train to Livingston North which is on the Edinburgh /Bathgate/Airdrie/Glasgow Queen Street line DO NOT GO TO Livingston South 1A - Coming from Edinburgh walk up the ramp on to the railway bridge on Deans N Road 1B - Coming from Glasgow walk up the ramp, across the car park and up another short ramp onto Deans N Road. 2 - Walk up Deans Road North with Arnold Clark Nissan on your Left 3 - Just before you get to the roundabout cross to the other side of Deans N Road 4 - Cross over the entrance to Raeburn Rigg and continue along Deans N Road - you will be behind Morrisons Supermarket which is on your Left 5 - Continue for 200 metres and turn right at the roundabout into Knightsridge W Road - Deans Community High School will be on your Left 6A - If going to the Pre-show walk turn left into Eastwood Park and continue past Deans Community High School for about 300 metres to the Car Park where I will be waiting at 10:15 6B - If going to the Easter Show Turn right into Fells Rigg and left into Nether Dechmont - Carmondean Community Cente is on your Right. If anybody wants to know bus routes let me know.
  9. Allan M

    SGS Easter Show - 1st April 2012

    I'll provide a step by step guide from Livingston North to Fells Rigg complete with some photographs of the route.
  10. Allan M

    SGS Easter Show - 1st April 2012

    I live less than 5 minutes walk from Carmondean if anybody fancies walking their dogs before the show let me know and we could meet at 10:15 and wander around Dechmont Country Park for an hour. It is less than 5 minutes walk from Carmondean Community Education Centre at Fells Rigg. We could meet in the car park at the top of Eastwood Park Google maps behind the new Deans Community High School. Livingston North Railway station is also on this map for those without cars - 20 minutes from Edinburgh - 45 minutes from Glasgow Queen street low level on the Airdrie Bathgate service - and then less than 10 minutes walk to Carmondean Community Education Centre at Fells Rigg.
  11. Allan M


    Way to go for the real slim shady. Who would have guessed that it would be another black one? Just to complete the set I suppose. Cause I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating So won't the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?
  12. Allan M

    Can Collection at PAH Livingston

    Indy definitely the star of the show today - she was there all day - hope somebody saw her and liked her lots! Thanks Susan for arranging the day and thanks to the Jam ladies too - fantastic amount of money raised for SGS
  13. Allan M

    Can Collection Pets At Home Livingston

    I'll be there from about 2pm with Holly and Lili
  14. Allan M

    Dogs Trust Open day

    do you need pasting tables for merchandise etc? We'll be there
  15. Allan M

    Lost Newfoundland - Shoreham/Yapton

    Dogs Trust announce on facebook UPDATE: Great news! We have just found out this moment that Isobel, the missing dog recently rehomed from Dogs Trust Shoreham, has been found safe and sound! Thank you so much to you all for the brilliant way that spread the word so quickly. We are all so grateful to all of you!

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