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  1. colman.ek

    SSDR day

    See you guys there.
  2. Sgs will have a stall at the EastKilbride show this year so if you can pop along and support us and show of the hounds.It is on the 29th of july at the national museum of Farming and outdoors kitochside Eastkilbride.
  3. Hi we have been asked to go to the Eastkilbride show on 29th july so we will do it if we can and if that is ok.I will get up during the week with all the things from yesterday .Shannon counted the money i think she said there was £128 that includes 2 cans that Andrina brought along and our can from our vets.shannon also managed to get some dog toys donated so will bring up what is left.

    1. ClaireB


      Great, if you guys are up for doing the EK show then go for it! :lol:

      Good work guys, anytime is fine, theres usually someone about.

  4. Sgs will have a stall at the stonehouse show this year so if you can pop along and support us and show of the hounds.It is on sat 20th of May.
  5. Sgs have been asked to have a stand at the stonehouse show this year it is a very busy farmers show please come along and support us on the 20th of may.
  6. Hi Helena , hope you are feeling better and got over your infection

    Missed seeing you last week

    Andrina and Roxy

  7. Hello,

    Just tae say, i won't be able tae come camping at the weekend, I completely forgot that I've a 60th birthday tae attend.  :-( .

    I hope ye aw have a great time and that the weather is kind tae yiz too.

    Happy camping!


    1. colman.ek


      Oh well enjoy the party.


  8. Looking forward to it we enjoyed it last year.
  9. Hi do you need electric hook up for the camping weekend.

    Thanks David.

    1. Shona C

      Shona C

      I ll check and let you know but don't think so

    2. Shona C

      Shona C

      Hi David

      Thanks we won't need electric hook up . Still got to source a tent but have a few ideas of friends that have one


  10. Great thank you people of Dundee .
  11. Nice pics happy hounds hope it is a busy today.
  12. Hi Claire got the parking pass but we normally get a pass to get in early to set up unless we meet you at the security gate at 9,30.

  13. Hi could you please keep me a baseball cap I will get it at the Rodeo.Thanks David.

  14. Hi we can help set up if you need us Helena says sh would love to come and see everyone.
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