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  1. Hi is this Musselburgh? I might be able to do this ?
  2. Hi, just wondering if she was ever found, I still pass the posters ☹️
  3. Heathercc


    Yay, a hat trick of success stories
  4. I should have checked here before I set out to search, I'm so glad he's safe and sound
  5. Heathercc


    Yay fantastic news, well done Susan and Elle xx
  6. Heathercc


    I has the pleasure of meeting this lovely girl, so pleased she has a new home
  7. I've messaged them and no it was more like a Labrador with rottie colours so I would say a cross, just spoken with ecdh and they haven't had any calls, hopefully it was running home
  8. Hi, I've just seen 11am a poor terrified black and tan short haired, lab sized dog running scared in cockenzie and port seton, I had the buggy with me and it was far to scared to be caught. It was heading in the direction of power station (prestonpans). It was wearing a thick brown collar with silve tag. I've messaged lst dogs Scotland anything else I can do
  9. I have a few snoods already made, can someone pm an address to send them to please
  10. Thank you mystery solved, learned to knit on Monday night (at the pub) and was wondering what the heck a garter stitch was
  11. Sorry for posting again, (coffee has kicked in and brain is now in full gear) just had a thought as I live in east Lothian I was thinking some of those "you bet they die" coats might be nice for my hounds but them I wondered if you can get them with the sgs logo and raise awareness for us too
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