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  1. Goodness can't believe now I have left Lochinver that someone else would like a greyhound. Obviously I know everyone in the village so I could at least let you know their history or I'll try and think of a suitable local dog person who could help out if there are no other options. PM me if you need any local info.
  2. irene


    Oh what a lovely story, well done
  3. Oh I love Ninja too .. so want a wee galgo but not really sure if Glen could cope with a new addition, he's not fond of other dogs and living way up here we rarely see any all winter then come the summer it's always a shock to him seeing lots of doggie visitors
  4. irene

    Appeal to help Rocco

    Just to let you know I've made a paypal donation but for some reason it's come up as from my business "Village Green" not my own name! I hope Rocco recovers as well as Benji did after breaking his hock over 3 years ago, he's a wonderful healthy hound and I'm sure Rocco will be too x
  5. irene


    So good to read of another happy homing, well done everyone
  6. irene


    Good news be happy Poppy
  7. Goodness me how on earth could they be so stupid as to steal Jane's image, it's so obviously hers, if you click on the offending twitter logo you can actually see the pocket of the sweatshirt, they didn't even try to change it..a great case for compensation here I think, maybe you could demand the greyhound's release to SGS for compensation Jane.
  8. Hey, I've done it complaint sent to the BBC. But I don't understand what it has to do with Kriss Akabusi?
  9. What great photos, looks like you all had fun even if it was tiring, well done everyone Lots of beautiful hounds, hope they all find a lovely home soon
  10. Yep it's restored my faith in him somewhat. I think it's probably hard for a poor Mexican farm boy not to be taken in by fame and the LA razzmatazz, so although he's become "a legend in his own mind" maybe there's still a good, dog loving person in there.
  11. Wonderful work everybody it's so good to think of wee Frieda being in her forever home and Rags too
  12. irene


    More good news so happy for Poppy well done Jane
  13. irene


    Yea he'll be so happy frolicking about with Frodo
  14. Dreadful pictures but even more shocking to find out people in a European country eat dogs, I'm off to do a bit of googleing to find out about Switzerland and their eating habits..
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