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  1. archiebabe


    http://sgsforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=25300&hl=bobby#entry433952 ahh its the original picture i see ,, hope hes still looking as good lol
  2. archiebabe


    is that the bobby that i brought dow to scotland with pele and izzy his girlfriend wow lovely to see him again , hes looking great still and still got his shiny teeth
  3. hi Ccampbell im the one bringing the dog from newcastle im at work sat and sunday mornings till 12 lunchtime by the time i leave and get down to berwick area it will prob be around 3 ish when i arrive , so just to let you know if this is a problem . thanks archie (david)
  4. archiebabe


    So happy for lily .. is she in north east of england my neck of the wo
  5. can I just say how happy I am for molly and her new family ,, diane very well done to you and your family for taking her in and doing a fantastic job , I know how hard it is to let them go but to see the end result it is very rewarding and makes it all worth while once again good luck molly xx ..
  6. i could always make room in my place with my mob if its only for a couple of weeks if you need anywere , trouble is im nr newcastle
  7. yeah she was at the vets in question , if only they checked her ears or informed police or council we would off had her back earlier , also annoyed that i asked vet twice are u sure u checked her ears ,, she replied yes she is a lurcher not a greyhound , but never mind shes back thats all that matters ,
  8. great news she has been found , she was found wandering street and took to a vets , istead of informing police they put her on a local site saying were she was , she was collected within a couple of hours , i called to vets yesterday and they said she was a lurcher and had no ear marks , i was not convinced they had checked her ears , anyway we recieved a call late last night saying were she was , the new owners had bought her off gypsys 2 weeks ago , the said they had no idea she was stolen ,, which i find hard to beleave , anyway the main thing is she has been found safe and well ,, thanks to everyone for there support , i will text katie with a up to date picture as soon as poss and she will post it on here for me , once again thank you , david
  9. Police say the mother has Left for inverness this morning to bring Boy back and hopefully the pup x fingers Crossed x
  10. Just heard Police have been to house tonight Spoke to the mother . The so'n is away to scotland to visit his dad . With an uncle (who prob is also his brother) sorry couldnt Help that ... He Took dog with him . She Apparanty is Very annoyed as he told her he got it given she is going to Do wot she can to get dog back . She said she will go there herself in morning if need be . Dont beleave a Word she says but can Only hope
  11. hi all just a quick update ,as earlier reported to police that the family had taken pup to scotland were they do visit on a regular basis , this does not seem to be the truth just a lie told to police from there neighbour , the pup was reported seen in a van owned by the family only yesterday morniing a mile from were it was stolen , i have found out all about the family including were they live , i visited the house this morning and got no answer , went back half an hour later and the van had gone out of the drive police are also keep visiting as they have a warrant for sons arrest ,,, hopefully the dog is still in the area , the street is full of gypsys ,,, talked to a few people in the next street who are going to ring me if the boy who stole her is sighted or if they see the pup they are all disgusted , iv also put posters in local club/shop/pub there offering an reward so hopefully this might brng a response , i will keep you all updated as soon as i can , thank you all for your kind words of support x david
  12. thank you katie ,,, i will , she is plastered all over facebook the owner is devestated , i think i got the link to dogwatch which has her picture on hpe it works http://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.php?dogId=47430 i wil text u the pictures anyway katie so you could put them on here for me .. david
  13. A 20 week old greyhounds pup has been stolen on monday morning from a Farm near me in bedlington northumberland Police have Proof it was taken by a travells family WHO also own a house nearby .the family Left the area last night heading to scotland a warrant has been issued for When they return .she is a white bitch with a distinctive black patch on her back .also One side of her face has a black patch .she also has a diamond shape patch on her head . Please pm me if anyone Sees her . I have a photo of her on my phone if i can send it to sumone 2 put it on here for me . Thank you .she also has irish earmarks i will try and find out What they are but no chip x Thanks again
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