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  1. Afraid we wouldn’t be able to help, sorry 😕 If we can help with transport etc though just let me know x
  2. Do we know what she’s like with cats and children (notice how I ask about the cat first lol!)?
  3. gisela


    She’s lovely 😊 Get well soon Jaclyn x
  4. gisela


    Lovely news 😊
  5. gisela


    Great news ? Looking forward to seeing his progress ?
  6. When do you need it done? We're away on Wednesday and not back til next Sunday (18th) but if it can wait til then (as doubt I'll have time to do it tomorrow) i can do it?
  7. I can help if needed?
  8. Wow, 110! Was lovely to see them all inc our gorgeous muppet Charlie ?
  9. Not sing who sings it but when you wish upon a star from pinocchio ?
  10. 11 Don't stop me now by Queen :-)
  11. gisela


    Sorry it's taken so long to upload these, for some reason they're not in numerical order in the pictures folder hence why I couldn't see them!! As you can see the loveable lump is settling in great and adored by us all :-) He's still like a toddler ie no manners, patience, spatial awareness etc but that's why we love him :-) Loves his supper every evening of a pigs ear and has lots of walks in our local woods, riverside, beach, canalside and down the old railway line :-)
  12. gisela


    He really is like a huge toddler with his impatience, clumsiness, attention seeking, lack of manners and social skills ? So it's a good job he's v blooming cute too ?
  13. gisela


    Well like Katie said, we've only had him 5 days but he's fitted right in and everyone he meets falls in love with him :-) So far he's either ignored the cats or cowered away from them! He loves the children and vice versa especially now he's discovered where theres children there's usually food/crumbs and he's also a bit of a bin/work top raider so we've had to have a rearrange of the kitchen and move things further away so he doesn't get them! Met a few dogs when out but not keen on wee ones who get right into his face, but who does! Enjoying lots of little walks to build up his strength and these will slowly be increased so hopefully we can both get fitter together! So glad he's here, he's such a gentle giant and we already love him to bits x Will upload pics once I get them onto pc x
  14. Portsoy as in Banffshire? If so I can do it ?
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