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  1. wow, great pics of happy hounds. votes sent on.
  2. Ah ok, I’ve always wondered why my pics were always fuzzy! I’ll register, ta
  3. How do I stop sharp pics being compressed? I uploaded a 2mb sharp pic and it’s now 32kb and fuzzy?
  4. 10-14 Colm doesn’t roach very much and only started a few years back but seems to enjoy them now ;D
  5. Don’t forget the lurchers Stan & Luath did lots of treat tricks of sit & big paw 🐾 adorable!
  6. Agreed, maybe 2pm is a better kick off time as there seemed to be a constant flow of tourists with suitcases for first while. Much more relaxed 2nd half. Thanks for helping me through the inital stress too, X
  7. Thanks to all the lovely hounds and peeps who attended the Edinburgh can collection!
  8. Hopefully the tall flag will help
  9. Jax & myself (Sam - red hair) see you tomorrow, I’ll try set up in the corner opposite st Giles as last year.
  10. Thanks to all our volunteers who braved the soggy, cold afternoon. Well worth it as we raised £600. Great to see some new faces and thanks to the junior volunteers!
  11. Organised for Sunday morning.
  12. Ok, I’ll contact them.
  13. I can prob do this but without Colm due to rabbits?
  14. I’m here now. Banner helped!
  15. At usual spot below west parliament square sign. Haven’t spotted anyone?
  16. Alva

    Melia update

    Wow, she looks very happy if you do venture back to long line maybe try a bungee section onto harness to help a little with jolts. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ancol-Bungee-Shock-37-cm/dp/B0044DIJKW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523611287&sr=8-3&keywords=dog+lead+bungee
  17. One week left, auction ends 10th April at 10pm, thanks x
  18. If you havent visited the auction yet please do lots of lovely hound and non-hound items ! thanks
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