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  1. Alva

    Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Thanks to all our volunteers who braved the soggy, cold afternoon. Well worth it as we raised £600. Great to see some new faces and thanks to the junior volunteers!
  2. Alva

    Home check needed - EH6

    Organised for Sunday morning.
  3. Alva

    Home check needed - EH6

    Ok, I’ll contact them.
  4. Alva

    Home check needed - EH6

    I can prob do this but without Colm due to rabbits?
  5. Alva

    Summer Can Collection - Edinburgh

    I’m here now. Banner helped!
  6. Alva

    Summer Can Collection - Edinburgh

    At usual spot below west parliament square sign. Haven’t spotted anyone?
  7. Alva

    Summer Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Forecast does say that
  8. Alva

    Summer Can Collection - Edinburgh

    So do I, currently tipping it
  9. Alva

    Melia update

    Wow, she looks very happy if you do venture back to long line maybe try a bungee section onto harness to help a little with jolts. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ancol-Bungee-Shock-37-cm/dp/B0044DIJKW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523611287&sr=8-3&keywords=dog+lead+bungee
  10. Alva

    10th Anniversary Auction

    One week left, auction ends 10th April at 10pm, thanks x
  11. Alva

    10th Anniversary Auction

    If you havent visited the auction yet please do lots of lovely hound and non-hound items ! thanks
  12. hi, please can anyone who has kindly offered a donation to the auction send in some pictures of the item as ill be collating auction album this weekend? thanks
  13. Thanks, saved on our list x
  14. thanks ! can you send some pics in?

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