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  1. Thanks, saved on our list x
  2. thanks ! can you send some pics in?
  3. Please message us or comment below if you have any items/ services you wish to donate to our Spring-clean Auction next month! Doesn't need to be hound related. The auction will be on the SGS facebook auction page, please join here to see https://www.facebook.com/groups/1477873462514849/
  4. Homecheck needed - Fostering - EH4

    Brill, did you send her foster form link & can you get her to check garden?
  5. Homecheck needed - Fostering - EH4

    Kathrin Haag will do it, can you email her the details? Thanks
  6. Homecheck needed EH6

    I can help here.
  7. SGS T-shirt range

    ok, pliease put red aside for me and i think a small grey unisex. Swithering on medium though. is it a lot bigger?
  8. SGS T-shirt range

    ta, its for derek so needs to be male small. Fitted isnt his look i need another too as i the small ladies is a touch tight over chest. think ladies red had a medium left.
  9. SGS T-shirt range

    is it 36 inch as other smalls noted?
  10. SGS T-shirt range

    the dark grey with sgs circle logo.
  11. SGS T-shirt range

    Is the unisex small 36 inch too?
  12. SGS Christmas Can collections - Inverness

    Well done, esp with snow & heavies!